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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

SGS Has 3 New Websites!

Well who said it couldn't be done - The School of Graduate Studies with the help of our summer students and many colleagues around campus, have created three new websites over the summer.  Why three you ask?  Well that’s easy:

Main SGS

This is our showcase website.

Expanding Horizons

This site is for academic and professional development resources. From the expanding Horizons workshop series, to how to get involved on campus via volunteering, to networking and training/work opportunities.

Three Minute Thesis competition

Seems a shame to hide the fantastic presentations from past participants, so why not have their own site!

As with any new website (or websites in general) we will be tweaking them over the next few days (and throughout the year), so no need to panic.  If anything is really out of place, just send me a nice email :-0 and we will see what we can do.

If anyone has bookmarked or has links from their own sites, to various sections of our current website, you will need to look for the new pages as the only URL to stay the same is the home page. Sorry about  that!