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What is Mental Health? with Dr Mike Condra

Join Dr. Mike Condra, Queen's University's former Director of Health, Counselling Disability Services for an informative video presentation about mental health and mental illness. 
This animated video presents practical information about the fundamentals of mental health and mental illness.

Finding a doctor in a new city can be a challenge. Queen’s Student Wellness Services makes it easy for you to access the care you need with family physicians, nurses, counselling services and dedicated services for students with disabilities all in one convenient, on-campus location. The Student Wellness Services website provides guidelines for graduate students requiring examination or classroom accommodations.  For information about the process of acquiring accommodation click here. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of students, supervisors and Disability services.

Responsibilities of Graduate Students with Disabilities

If students feel accommodation of any kind would assist them in their graduate degree program, students are responsible to seek out the advice and assessment of Queen’s University Disability Services Office (DSO), and to maintain contact with that office as and when necessary.   The Disability Services Office (DSO) in Student Wellness Services  (DSO) is the key organization at Queen’s that support students with disabilities.

Students are expected to:

  • Notify the University about their disability and need for accommodation.  The student does this by contacting the DSO about the need for accommodation as early as possible and by providing appropriate documentation in confidence as required by the University that verifies the presence of a permanent disability and indicates the student’s functional limitation in relation to their activities as a graduate student. Incoming students are advised to contact the DSO as early as possible at the start of their program, preferably in advance of their arrival at Queen’s.
  • Actively engage with Disability Services Office staff, graduate supervisors, graduate coordinators and others as necessary to develop and implement an appropriate accommodation plan.  Be willing to provide sufficient detail, in confidence to the Disability Services Advisor, about the disability and the impact it is expected to have on all of their activities as a graduate student, including academic and research-related activities.
  • With support from the DSO, the student may confer if necessary with the graduate coordinator or supervisor about accommodation.  The student retains the right to disclose or not to disclose disability-related information to the academic unit.  Before asking  the School of Graduate Studies for an accommodation, students are encouraged to consult with the DSO about the request.
  • Renew his or her accommodations with the DSO on an annual basis or in the event of changes in the required accommodation.

All students must meet the degree requirements of their program, regardless of accommodation plans.  All students must acquire and/or demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills of their graduate degree and degree components, in order for a student to successfully meet the learning objectives and the degree level expectations of a course or program of study.

The Student Wellness Services building is located in the Lasalle Building on Stuart Street near the base of University Avenue.

Resources available from Student Wellness Services

​Your Best You: Improving your Mood - a self-help workbook developed by counsellors at Student Wellness Services specifically for Queen’s students experiencing low mood.