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Upcoming Grad Chats - Winter 2018

Over the summer of 2018 Grad Chat will be taking a short hiatus from airing, but we will be back before the start of the new academic year!

May 15th 2018

Charlotte Blattner & Lauren Van Patter

Dr Charlotte Blattner, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Law & Philosophy supervised by Prof Will Kymlicka and Lauren Van Patter, doctoral student supervised by Dr Alice Hovorka

Topic: Animal Labour - Ethical, legal and political perspectives on Recognising Animals' Work

Overview: Lauren and Charlotte, both specialized on questions revolving around our manifold interactions with animals, and are in the process of drafting a research ethics protocol that seeks to give guidance to researchers doing non-invasive research with animals. Their aim is to address the gap between research ethics boards, who focus only on research with human participants, and animal care committees, who take an instrumental view of animals as disposable objects of research

The line up for Summer 2018

May 8 – Charlotte Blattner (Law/Philosophy. Topic: Animal labour

May 15 – Charlotte Blattner (Law/Philosophy) & Lauren Van Patter (Geography). Topic: Animal labour - Ethical, legal and political perspectives on Recognising Animals' Work. (new)

May 22-  Anika Cloutier, Management (Jan 9th 2018). Topic: Leadership, mental health, work-family spillover

May 29 – Jhordan Layne, English (June 20th 2017). Topic: Representations of Obeah in Literature

June 5 – Debrah Zemanek, Civil Engineering (Jan 3rd 2017). Topic: Evaluating the environmental and economic trade-off of integrating Canola Biojet Fuel in the Canadian aviation fuel supply chain

June 12 – Jean-Paul Martin, MEME (August 23rd 2016). Topic: Generating electricity while you walk using an energy harvesting backpack

June 19 – Kelly Brennan, Epidemiology (Nov 15th, 2016). Topic: Follow-up Care for Head & Neck Cancer Patients

June 26 – Michael Tremblay, Philosophy (Feb 13th 2018). Topic: Moral Education in Stoicism

July 3 – Isabel Luce, Art History (Jan 30th 2018). Topic: Picturing Domesticity: An Investigation of household objects in the Victorian home

July 10 – Chris Trimmer, Neuroscience (Oct 24th 2017). Topic: The development and testing of a musical Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-Music) group therapy intervention for individuals with symptoms of serious mental illness

July 17 – Nicolle Domnik, Post-Doc  (Sept 26th 2017). Topic: Impact of Sleep on Lung Function in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Effect of inhaled bronchodilator treatment on symptom severity

July 24 – Stefan Merchant, Education (April 4th 2017). Topic: How Ontario teachers assess learning skills and work habits

July 31 – Nausheen Sadiq, Chemistry (Oct 4th 2016). Topic: Multi-elemental risk assessment of various types of rice using ICP-MS

August 7 – Greg King, Post doc (Oct 25th, 2016). Topic: Forest Response to Disturbance and Implications for Habitat

August 14 – Alissa Droog, Religious Studies (July 11th 2017). Topic: How 19th century women were writing the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis for children in religious literature

August 21 –Feb 26th 2018 (combined live show from Celebrating Graduate Studies week). Topic: Disseminating research to a wider audience

August 28 – The Break (March 6th 2018). Topic: Discussion on Queen’s Reads book for 2018 “The Break” by Katherena Vermette​