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Laneydi Martínez Alfonso

Center for Hemispheric and United States Studies, University of Havana, Cuba

Economic shocks: Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin America and the crisis in the US economy

In recent history the US has been considered the undisputed engine of the world economy. The cyclical movements of its economy have been crucial to global growth, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean. Following the recent economic crisis, however, we see new dynamics in "North-South” and "South-South” interrelations.

This talk assesses the impact of the international financial crisis on the economies of Cuba and Latin America/the Caribbean. The speaker looks specifically at the transmission mechanisms of economic shocks. The role of the US in global financial architecture continues to be the foundation that preserves its economic centrality in Latin America and the Caribbean, in an increasingly heterogeneous region

Laneydi Martinez Alfonso received her PhD in 2015 jointly from University of Havana and the University of Paris, Sorbonne. Her research centers on the transmission channels of economic shocks from the US to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Laneydi Martínez Alfonso is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Global Development Studies, funded by the Principal’s Development Fund.