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SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University
SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University

Prospective Students

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Graduate Students

SNO+ Graduate Students have the opportunity to work on any aspect (or several aspects) of the SNO+ experiment alongside our collaborators in dozens of international institutions. Due to our sort-of proximity to Sudbury, Queen's SNO+ Grad Students have the advantage of "easy" access to the SNOLAB underground laboratory itself. A few of the aspects of SNO+ that our current graduate students are working on include:

  • Neutrinoless double beta decay search in SNO+
  • Reactor antineutrino oscillation measurements using SNO+
  • Geoneutrino detection and measurements in SNO+
  • Solar neutrino studies with SNO+
  • Backgrounds and sensitivity analysis of SNO+ data
  • Chemistry development and metal-loading in liquid scintillator
  • Development, construction, and deployment of optical and radioactive calibration sources
  • Design and construction of calibration hardware
  • Construction and commissioning of underground chemical plants
  • Construction, commissioning, and operation of the SNO+ detector
  • Electronics development and repair
  • Quality testing of liquid scintillator
  • Materials science and material compatibility studies
  • Reconstruction of SNO+ data
  • Data cleaning and data quality of SNO+ data
  • Software development within the SNO+ analysis framework
  • Machine learning, neural networks, and big data with SNO+ data

We are currently seeking new graduate students. Contact any of our faculty for more information.

Undergraduate Researchers

SNO+ Undergraduate Researchers have the opportunity to work closely with our faculty, staff, and graduate students on a number of SNO+ hardware development and data analysis projects. We welcome any motivated undergraduate student in physics, engineering, or chemistry from any institution to work with us during the summer. We also welcome Queen's Undergraduate Students to work with us during the upcoming academic year.

We are currently seeking undergraduate researchers for the upcoming academic year. Contact Alex Wright at awright at for more information.

Life at Queen's

The physics student community at Queen's is tight-knit and makes the most of living in Kingston. From getting recognized by every bartender in Kingston to terrible Thursday karaoke, we help each other survive long drives to Sudbury, cold Canadian winters, and being the TA for a new Professor's "innovative" teaching style. If you are a prospective graduate student at Queen's University, you can look forward to a welcoming community with a bustling social life that contradicts the stereotypical grad school experience.

Here are some assorted photos from our adventures together. (Static Gallery Here)

  • Queen's SNO+ at Di Gusto

    Just another evening out together.

  • Queen's Physics Grad Students at Aji Sai, Kingston.

    May means patio season for happy hour.

  • Queen's SNO+ in the summer.

    Queen's SNO+ down by Lake Ontario.

  • Queen's SNO+ at lunch

    Queen's SNO+ out to lunch.

  • Queen's SNO+ at a kegger.

    Queen's SNO+ faculty at a SNO+ kegger.

  • Queen's SNO+ at a conference.

    Queen's SNO+ at a conference.

  • The SNOLAB Mine Drift

    Our Morning Commute to the SNOLAB Underground Lab, where our experiment is located.

  • A SNO+ exhibit at Science North

    A SNO+ Exhibit at the Science North interactive science museum.

  • Queen's SNO+ Card Games

    Just another night.

  • Queen's SNO+ down by the lake.

    A very important academic meeting with our PI.

  • SNO+ BBQ

    Queen's SNO+ hosting a BBQ for the rest of the SNO+ Collaboration.

  • Queen's Physics Students out again.

    Brian earning his "All-You-Can-" title.

  • The SNO+ Submission to Physicists Who Yoga

    The SNO+ Submission to Physicists Who Yoga

  • We roadtrip a lot.

    We roadtrip a lot.

  • Bussing back from a conference banquet.

    Bussing back from a conference banquet.

  • Queen's SNO+ at the launch of the McDonald Institute for Particle Astrophysics.

    Queen's SNO+ at the launch of the McDonald Institute for Particle Astrophysics.

  • SNOLAB Surface clean lab.

    Surface clean lab work.

  • Physics Banquet

    SNO+ and friends at the annual Physics Banquet.

  • SNO+ with international collaborators.

    Spending time with our international collaborators.

  • SNOLAB Researchers at Queen's.

    SNOLAB Researchers at Queen's.

  • Physics Grad Students

    Queen's Physics Grad Students, 2018.

  • Too Much BBQ on a Sunny Day

    Another lovely SNO+ Summer Afternoon.