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The relative simplicity of establishing a presence on Twitter can create a false sense of accomplishment for those who don't create a focused plan. Regardless of what your end goal may be, to be effective in this platform you need to acquire followers and engage with them on an ongoing basis. It's not enough to use your Twitter account as a way to blast out content and information. Send @replies and direct messages to respond to your followers' tweets, be interactive, and retweet others' tweets that your followers might find valuable, too.

Check out the links below for some Twitter basics and best practices.

Twitter updates and Information:

Twitter expands its character count to 280. [Nov 2017]

How photos are displayed: Twitter introduced a richer photo experience on twitter.com by uncropping photos "so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed." [Dec 2015]

Direct Message length: Twitter no longer has a 140-character limit for direct messages. There will now be a limit of 10,000 characters per Direct Message (Twitter’s version of private messages, which users can send to each other without showing their followers). [Aug 2015]

Branded Twitter Header Photos

The Marketing team has created the following branded and correctly sized header photos of campus for your use:

Limestone building (JDUC) at Queen's University  Studying outside in the fall at Queen's University Red tulips at Queen's University

Summerhill in the fall at Queen's University Grant Hall at Queen's University University Ave at Queen's University

The header photo of your account should be 1,500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high. To change yours click on the 'Edit Profile' button when you are logged in to your account and select the 'change your header photo' option. 

Branded Twitter Profile Photos

If you would like a branded and correctly sized Twitter profile photo for your Department please email social.media@queensu.ca and we can provide you with one with your details. Here is an example for @QueensEngineer

Twitter Profile image for @QueensEngineer

If you would like to create your own, be sure to create it at 400 pixels by 400 pixels (displays at 200 x 200) and to use a file size that is under 100KB; Use JPG, GIF, or PNG.

The presentation below was given in April 2016 includes stats, useful tools and best practices for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.