The Graduate Program in the Department of Sociology is a collegial, well-resourced and highly successful program. We offer rigorous academic degree programs at the MA and PhD levels. Our dedicated faculty members make every effort to provide comprehensive support to each and every graduate student. The department has an excellent record of securing external funding for students and providing additional teaching and research opportunities.

The Department of Sociology has Graduate Programs that focus primarily on three core areas:

Media, Information and Surveillance

Criminology and Law

Power, Inequalities and Social Justice

Explore the research of our faculty members and please contact us if you have specific questions about our Graduate Programs.

If you have general questions regarding our program, contact Celina Caswell:
Celina Caswell
Graduate Program Assistant
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D431
Tel (613) 533-6684
Fax (613) 533-2871
If you have specific questions regarding our program, contact Dr. Martin Hand:
Martin Hand
Professor, Department of Sociology Graduate Coordinator
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D529
Tel (613) 533-6000 ext. 74494
Fax (613) 533-2871