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  • “Living with Death in Rehabilitation” builds on Dr. Thomas Abrams ongoing work with young people with muscular dystrophies, their parents, and practitioners in the rehabilitation clinic. Working with health psychologist Dr. Jenny Setchell (University of Queensland/University of Toronto), Dr. Abrams applied an existential sociological lens to discussions of death and dying in the clinical space. See paper here.

  • Congratulations to our 2018 Fall Graduates! Photo by Ken Mizokoshi. L to R: Dr. Fiona Kay, Midori Ogasawara (PhD), Ciara Bracken-Roche (PhD), Kristopher Jones (MA), Frederick Langshaw (MA), Logan Byberg (MA) and Dr. Martin Hand. Missing: Rhea Ashley Hoskin (PhD), Mejgan Lashkari (MA), Spencer Moore (MA), and Robyn Saaltink (PhD).

  • Congratulations to Dr. Rob Beamish and Postdoctoral Fellow, Lisa Carver on their recent publication: A Scoping Review: Social Participation as a Cornerstone of Successful Aging in Place among Rural Older Adults in the journal, Geriatrics.

  • Uberland chronicles over 5,000 miles logged with drivers in more than 25 cities in the United States and Canada over the span of four years. Rosenblat, an award-winning technology ethnographer and researcher at Data & Society, goes beyond the controversial headlines about Uber to convey new realities and analyze the future of algorithmic management. Alex will be coming to Queen's Department of Sociology about Uberland in the Surveillance Studies Seminar Series in February 2019.