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Victoria Sytsma

Victoria Sytsma

Assistant Professor
PhD (Rutgers)

Phone: (613) 533-2172
Extension: 32172
Office: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D523

Research Areas

· Applied Criminology
· Policy and Program Evaluation
· Policing
· Quantitative Data Analysis

Victoria is an applied criminologist who specializes in policy and program evaluation and quantitative data analysis. She has done evaluations in a wide range of areas, including student mentoring, police run organized-crime countermeasures, and juvenile offender reentry. She has done survey research, as well as qualitative research on open-air drug markets.

Victoria has taught courses in data analysis, research methods, policing, immigration and crime, organized crime, and youth justice.

Current Research

Victoria is currently working on a project with John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor, Dr. Eric L. Piza entitled, Job Satisfaction within Community-Oriented Policing. This research focuses on Toronto Police Service officers and how their feelings of job satisfaction differ by job assignment—with a particular focus on community-oriented policing officers who rely on bicycles during shift. Victoria is also conducting research with University of Toronto Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies Ph.D. student, Erick Laming on Ontario municipal police expenditure and access to technologies such as conducted-energy weapons, body-worn cameras, in-car/dash cameras, and mobile work stations/in-car computers.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Sytsma, V., & Laming E. Municipal Policing: An Exploratory Study of Expenditure, Access to Technologies, and Data Limitations in Ontario. Submitted for publication.

Sytsma, V. Evaluating a Juvenile Re-entry Program: Lessons Learned from an Ex post facto Evaluation. Submitted for publication.

Sytsma, V., & Piza E. Quality over Quantity: Assessing the Impact of Frequent Public Interaction Compared to Problem-Solving Activities on Police Officer Job Satisfaction. Under Review. 

Sytsma, V., & Piza, E. (2017 August, online). The Influence of Job Assignment on Community Engagement: Bicycle Patrol and Community-Oriented Policing. Police Practice and Research: an International Journal.

Sytsma, V., & Piza, E. (Forthcoming). Script analysis of open-air drug selling: A systematic social observation of CCTV footage. Journal of Research in Crime and Deliquency.

Piza, E., & Sytsma, V. (2016). Exploring the Defensive Actions of Drug Sellers in Open-Air Markets: A Systematic Social Observation. Journal of Research in Crime and Deliquency. 53(1): 36-55.

Sytsma, V. (2015). Exploring police-resident racial equality and violent crime. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 1(1), 4-18.

Sytsma, V. (2012 March). Overcoming the magnetism of street life [Review of the book Overcoming the magnetism of street life], Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books.

Sytsma, V. (2011). Chapter 20: Applying RTM to aggravated assault. In J.M. Caplan &L.W. Kennedy (Eds.), Risk Terrain Modelling Compendium for Crime Analysis (p. 83-84). Newark, NJ: Rutgers Center on Public Security.

Gabor, T., Kiedrowski, J., Sytsma, V., Melchers, R., & Morselli, C. (2010). Community effects of law enforcement countermeasures against organized crime. a retrospective analysis. Ottawa: Public Safety Canada. Report No. 006.