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Vincent Sacco




B.A. (McMaster), M.A. (Western), Ph.D. (Alberta) 

Research Areas

  • Criminology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Social Constructionist Theory

Vincent Sacco's interests relate to the study of criminology as well as the study of public perceptions of and reactions to crime. In approaching criminology, his work emphasizes the study of "criminal events". This conceptualization explicitly recognizes that we cannot address the complexity of the social phenomenon of crime by reducing the problem to a single question - why do some people behave criminally? Instead, we need to put this question in an appropriate context that also asks why some people rather than others are more likely to be victimized by crime; when and where crimes occur; and why the police, lawmakers and members of the general public think about crime as they do.

He also examines the ways in which particular images of crime problems are socially constructed and the roles which mass media play in this process. This research asks, why do some conditions rather than others come to be understood as requiring an urgent social intervention and how does a consensus develop about the kind of problem that these conditions represent?