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Steven Richardson 

Ph.D. Candidate
Master of Arts, Sociology (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)
Bachelor of Arts High Honours, Major in Sociology, Minor in Philosophy (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)

Supervisor: Dr. Sergio Sismondo

For more about Steven’s publications, research and work experience, please visit his LinkedIn page.


I am a researcher focusing on the development and adoption of emerging technologies such as wearables -- particularly, the push and pull of users'​ own contributions to the design and development of these technologies. 

Veering sharply away from sentiments that new technologies are becoming more 'invasive'​ or 'deterministic'​, my research aims to better understand how tinkering (and other micro-iterations) shapes our interaction with technologies, and ultimately, the role it plays in reconfiguring the trajectory of a technology or device. 

Alongside the rising tides of ubiquitous computing, quantified-self and 'every-wear,'​ how can designers and engineers incorporate users' new and more intimate relationships with the use of their devices and the data they generate into a more inclusive and participatory form of design? 

Over the coming months I will be working closely with the wearable community, industry, and all other stakeholders inspired by the promise of a future where we wear data on our sleeves.