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Congratulations to the following faculty members on their recent publications!

Beamish, R.
(2016, University of Toronto Press)

Levine-Rasky, C.
(2016, Fernwood Publishing)

Surveillance after Snowden cover

Lyon, D.

Visual Culture and Gender cover

Burfoot, A.

Big Data? Cover

Hand, M. Hillyard, S.
Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada Cover
Bennett, C.J. Haggerty, K.D. Lyon, D. Steeves, V.
Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada
(2014, Athabasca University Press)

The Political Ecology of Climate Change Adaption Cover

Taylor, M.

Whiteness Fractured Cover

Levine-Rasky, C.
Whiteness Fractured
(2013, Ashgate)
Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation Book Cover
Lyon, D.
Ubiquitous Photography
Hand, M.
Ubiquitous Photography
(2012, Polity Press)


New Articles and Chapters

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