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Planning on a 4th Year?

What happens in 4th year?
  • Sociology Majors take 2 400/500 level seminar courses (max 25 students) in addition to the remaining degree requirements.
  • Sociology Medials take 1 400/500 level seminar course (max 25 students) in addition to the remaining degree requirements.
Am I eligible?
Students need: 
  • A 2.6 GPA in SOCY 210/211 and SOCY 226/227 and in 18.0 units of additional SOCY option courses
  • A minimum of 84.0 units by September 1, 2018
What should I do next?
  1. Choose your top 5 choices for 400/500 level seminar courses.  Preview the list of seminar courses being offered for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. Fill out the online fillable Pre-registration Questionnaire.
  3. Send the form to or drop form in the essay slot in the sociology office (D431) BY APRIL 27, 2018.
What is the Sociology Thesis option?
SOCY520 Thesis Option 6.0 F/W
In addition to their 400/500 level seminars, students may choose to undertake a Sociology thesis. This is a full year course, working on a specific topic with the supervision of a Professor, producing a thesis of around 50-75 pages in length (15,000 words). To discuss this option please contact Professor Hand at
More information: