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2020Queen's Institute on Trade Policy: Trade Rules for the Pandemic and Its Aftermath  - Nov 23 - 27, 2020 [image]


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  • Evenett, Simon J., and Baldwin, Richard. Revitalising Multilateralism: Pragmatic Ideas for the New WTO Director-General. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research Press, 2020. [PDF 4.9 MB]


Monday, November 23

Anatomy of Trade Restrictions in the Wake of the Pandemic
Simon Evenett, Professor, Swiss Institute for International Economics and Applied Economic Research, University of St. Gallen

Lunch Keynote:
What Makes a Supply Chain Resilient?

Sébastien Miroudot, Senior Trade Policy Analyst, OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate

Supplementary readings:


Tuesday, November 24

Trade Costs and Firm-Based Trade Theory
Beverly Lapham, Professor, Economics Department, Queen’s University

Recommended reading:

  • Lapham, Beverly. “International Trade with Firm Heterogeneity: Theoretical Developments and Policy Implications.” In Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities, The Art of the State Series, Vol. VI, edited by Stephen Tapp, Ari Van Assche and Robert Wolfe, 39-76. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy, 2017. [ PDF 856 KB ]

Supplementary reading:

Reconfiguring Supply Chains in an Era of US-China Conflict
Ari Van Assche, Professor, HEC Montreal

Managing and Monitoring Emergency Measures during the Pandemic
Robert Wolfe, Professor Emeritus, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University

  • Low, Patrick, and Wolfe, Robert. “How the WTO Kept Talking: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis.” In Revitalising Multilateralism: Pragmatic Ideas for the New WTO Director-General, edited by Simon J. Evenett and Richard Baldwin, 71-77. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research Press, 2020. [ PDF 86KB 
  • Wolfe, Robert. “Exposing Governments Swimming Naked in the COVID-19 Crisis with Trade Policy Transparency (And Why WTO Reform Matters More Than Ever).” In COVID-19 and Trade Policy: Why Turning Inward Won’t Work, edited by Richard E. Bladwin and Simon J. Evenett, 165-177. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research Press, 2020. [ PDF 354 KB ]
  • Wolfe, Robert. “Reforming WTO Conflict Management: Why and How to Improve the Use of ‘Specific Trade Concerns’.” Journal of International Economic Law 23, no. 4 (December 2020, forthcoming). [ PDF 427 KB ]

Lunch keynote:
The View from Washington – US Trade Policy in a Post-Pandemic World

Jennifer Hillman, Senior Fellow for Trade and International Political Economy, Council on Foreign Relations


Wednesday, November 25

Rethinking Trade in Medicines and Medical Supplies
Valerie Hughes, Senior Counsel, Bennett Jones

  • Pauwelyn, Joost. “Export Restrictions in Times of Pandemic: Options and Limits under International Trade Agreements.” (April 30, 2020). [ PDF 280 KB]
  • Meyer, Timothy. “Trade Law and Supply Chain Regulation in a Post-COVID-19 World.” American Journal of International Law 114, no. 4 (October 2020): 637-646.
  • World Trade Organization, "How WTO Members Have Used Trade Measures to Expedite Access to COVID-19 Critical Medical Goods and Services", (September 15, 2020),

Do Trade Rules on Intellectual Property Represent an Obstacle to Global Access to a Coronavirus Vaccine?
Frederick Abbott, Edward Ball Eminent Scholar Professor of International law, College of Law, Florida State University


Agriculture: The State of Trade and Prospects for Reform
Joseph Glauber, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC

  • Ungphakorn, Peter. “Lessons from the Pandemic for WTO Work on Agricultural Trade and Support.” In Revitalising Multilateralism: Pragmatic Ideas for the New WTO Director-General, edited by Simon J. Evenett and Richard Baldwin, 257-273. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research Press, 2020.  PDF 1MB ]


Thursday, November 26

The Rise of Digital Trade: The Role of E-Commerce and Data in the Pandemic and Beyond
Mira Burri, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Lucerne

  • Burri, Mira. “Data Flows and Global Trade Law.” In Big Data and Global Trade Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. [ PDF 609KB ]
  • Burri, Mira. “The Governance of Data and Data Flows in Trade Agreements: The Pitfalls of Legal Adaptation.” UC Davis Law Review 51, no. 1 (2017): 65-132.

Government Procurement: Trade vs. Socio-Economic Policies
Dany Carriere, former Director of Trade Negotiations, Global Affairs Canada

Addressing Climate Change in Trade Agreements
Carolyn Fischer, Canada 150 Research Chair in Climate Economics, Innovation and Policy, University of Ottawa

  • Cosbey, Aaron, Droege, Susanne, Fischer, Carolyn, and Munnings, Clayton. “Developing Guidance for Implementing Border Carbon Adjustments: Lessons, Cautions, and Research Needs from the Literature.” Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 13, no. 1 (2019): 3-22.
  • Droege, Susanne, and Carolyn, Fischer. “Pricing Carbon at the Border: Key Questions for the EU.” ifo DICE Report 18, no. 1 (Spring 2020): 30-34.  [ PDF 1.7 MB ]


Friday, November 27

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement and Interprovincial Trade 
Trevor Tombe, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Calgary