School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

The New Global Goals on Sustainable Development: Cure or Curse?

with Margaret Biggs 

September 24, 2015,  12:00 pm - 1:15 pm 
Robert Sutherland Hall, 138 Union Street, Room 202

** Light lunch starts at 11:30 AM             All are Welcome

Margaret Biggs [Bio] 
Skelton-Clark Fellow, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University;
Former President, CIDA


“2015 is not just another year, it is a chance to change the course of history.” Ban Ki- moon, United Nations Secretary General.

On September 25-27, 2015 world leaders will meet at the United Nations to adopt new Global Goals on Sustainable Development.  These goals aim to chart a new era in which poverty will be eradicated, prosperity shared and the core drivers of climate change tackled. What are these new Global Goals? Will they make a difference? What are their implications for Canada?