School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

Policy Briefs

Through Public Policy & Canada’s 150 policy briefs, the institutes’ respective events, and other planned initiatives, Queen’s researchers and institutes will address the following overarching questions:

  • What are the current and emerging policy challenges facing Canada?
  • What are the policy instruments available to governments that can help to address (or begin to address) those challenges?
  • ​How can governments improve/alter existing policy instruments and governance institutions in order to more effectively and efficiently deal with current and emerging policy challenges?

As Canada marks its 150th anniversary, Queen’s has just completed celebrating its 175th. With these dual anniversaries, the university has an opportunity for both inward and outward renewal. Institutionally, Public Policy & Canada’s 150 provides a platform to encourage collaboration among the different policy researchers and institutes at Queen’s, as well as drawing greater attention to their work. And by continuing their long tradition of providing policy leadership at all levels of government, they are helping to identify issues of broad public concern and developing approaches to address these critical challenges. Through Public Policy & Canada’s 150, Queen’s will be able to provide policy leadership where it is needed the most.

Recent Policy Briefs

May 2017
Reconnecting the "two solitudes" of academia and the policy world (240 KB)​ 

May 2017
Taking the political pulse of a nation as it turns 150 (200 KB)​ 

April 2017
Challenges to Countering Terrorism in Canada and Abroad (500 KB)​

February 2016
Standing on Guard for Peace: Canada's Future Role in UN Operations (1.6 MB)​