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School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

The Contribution of Queen’s Scholars to Public Policy

While the founders of Canada agreed on a Constitution in 1867, they relied on the new nation’s citizens to develop institutional structures and policies that would make their concept a reality. Queen's University has participated disproportionately in Canada’s national development, both as an institution and through its faculty and alumni.

Both Queen's online encyclopedia and Queen's special 175th anniversary website of "moments" in Queen’s history tell some of the myriad stories of how the people of Queen's have influenced ideas and events, locally and globally, over the past 175 years. Browse each site, or follow the links below to explore Queen's impact on public policy in Canada and around the world.

[Adam Shortt image]

Adam Shortt was instrumental in founding a non-partisan, merit-based public service.

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[O.D. Skelton image]

Through the creation of the Department of External Affairs, with its professional foreign service O.D. Skelton contributed to Canada's autonomy in international affairs.

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[Clifford Clark image]

In his leadership in the Department of Finance, Clifford Clark oversaw the development of economic and fiscal policies and programs that were the basis for Canada’s social net.

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[Charlotte Whitton image]

Charlotte Whitton made a fundamental contribution in the 1930s to the development of Canadian social welfare policy

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[Elizabeth McCallum image]

After receiving an honorary degree from Queen's for her impressive work in foreign policy Elizabeth McCallum became Canada's first female ambassador.

William A. Mackintosh,  policy scholar

Willam A. Mackintosh mapped out the economic and labour policy framework that brought Canada from the war to modern times.

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[John Deutsh image]

John Deutsch was the founding chairman of the Economic Council of Canada in 1963.

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[Flora MacDonald image]

Flora MacDonald was a key figure in the Canadian Political arena in the 1970s and 80s, becoming Canada’s first female foreign minister where she played a pivotal role in Canada’s rescue of hostages from the American embassy in Iran.

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[Ron Watts image]

​​Ron Watts was a commissioner on the Task Force on Canadian Unity (Pepin-Roberts) in the 1970s.

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[John Meisel image]

John Meisel was an influential Chair of the CRTC in the 1980s.

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