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Joe Biden’s cybersecurity priorities: Fixing damage from SolarWinds attack, working with allies

January 22, 2021
IT World Canada - Howard Doloman with contribution by Christian Leuprecht, Professor, Royal Military College; Director, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University

Christian Leuprect, a professor at Canada’s Royal Military College and Queen’s University, and an expert on national security and related issues, says the Biden administration likely won’t make a difference on cyber diplomacy. Beyond the U.N. Group of Experts’ efforts to find a consensus on internet governance, he says, there’s no movement on an international pact due to intransigence by China and Russia.

However, he says he thinks Biden may be able to find a consensus among Western nations on norms of behaviour in cyberspace — something like, ‘cross this line, and there will be consequences’ — such as forbidding attacks on COVID-19 vaccine supply chains as well as on critical infrastructure.

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