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Ethics Review at the School of Policy Studies

The School works with the University's Office of Research Services' (ORS) Ethics Policies and Procedures. As a member of the University community, it is expected that you will abide by this policy in your research work. It means respect for the rights and dignity of the people involved in your research. A few relatively straightforward steps will make this possible.

Recruitment of subjects and data collection cannot begin without the necessary ethics approval. So, plan ahead and get organized.

Does my project need ethics review?

All applicants who will be undertaking "human subject research" must have their project reviewed and approved by the appropriate institutional Research Ethics Board (REB) prior to starting their research. Which REB will depend on the risk and subject matter (see note on health-related ethics review). All reviews must go through the School’s Unit Research Ethics Board (UREB) in the first step.

How to get started:

Instructions for filling out the Application Form for Ethics Clearance are posted on the University Research Services' (URS) website.

Faculty are required to fill out and submit the application form online.

Graduate students doing research in a course or for a Master's Research Project that involves human subject research should fill out the application form online but not submit their application for online. Instead, they will be required to submit their application form in hard copy form to the UREB Administrative Coordinator. Be sure to discuss your ethics requirements with your course instructor first since the instructor may have already obtained a class coursework ethics approval.

Required CORE Training

The ORS has provided a short online tutorial to acquaint researchers with research ethics. The tutorial is available at:

Please note that all graduate students are now required to complete the CORE training prior to engaging in any course or thesis-based research. We also recommend that all faculty and staff engaged in research take the CORE training.


Applicants should allow the Unit Research Ethics Board (UREB) committee a minimum of 15 working days to review their application and at least 6 weeks for the review by the University level General Research Ethics Board (GREB). For further information, contact one of the current members on the Unit Research Ethics committee.