MPA 2023-2024 Executive Student Council

Council Positions and Elected Members

CoChair T Goyer and S Homsi

Co-Chair: Tom Goyer & Sarah Homsi

Role | “Our role as Co-Chairs is to liaise between MPA students and faculty and serve as an advocate for student interests. Our goal is to create a fulfilling experience for MPA students, socially, professionally, and academically. Our priorities include better MPA executive transparency, diversity in events offered and improving advocacy efforts.”

In their words | The Queens MPA program combines a high quality in class education with a wide variety of professional learning opportunities. My favourite part of the program has been the opportunity to meet current and former members of government. These meetings have provided invaluable connections and advice for my future career. - Tom

My favourite part of the MPA program is the interdisciplinary and hands-on approach. All my peers, as well as professors have diverse professional backgrounds, which makes for an enriching learning experience. Additionally, you develop practical skills early on that equip you quickly for a profession in public administration. - Sarah

Social Reps C Lewis and R Nicholls

Co-Social Rep: Colin Lewis & Reilly Nicholls

Role | “Our mission as co-social representatives is to provide the MPA student body with a variety of memorable fun social, academic, and professional events. As part of this mission, we are dedicated to ensuring that events are inclusive, accessible, and budget-friendly.”

In their words | My favourite aspect of the MPA program so far has been how tight-knit and friendly the cohort is! - Colin

Something I enjoy about the MPA program is that I am surrounded by individuals with positive mindsets and who aspire to lead change. - Reilly

EDII Rep A Arachibia-Albornoz

EDI Representative: Amaya Arancibia-Albornoz

Role | As the EDI representative, I am responsible for ensuring that the MPA-SG is grounded in principles of diversity and fairness, engages with traditionally underrepresented voices on a consistent basis, and regularly promotes inclusive events. ​Starting winter semester, I am looking forward to conducting monthly Mental Health Breaks (MHBs) which are events targeted at providing MPA students with a break from the stresses of the program, and a chance to build stronger relationships with others.

In their words | My favourite aspect of the MPA program is the collaborative and diverse learning environment, where everyone is willing to help and contribute to each other’s successes. - Amaya

Policy Talks Reps

Policy Talks Rep: Eden Monastirsky & Kokul Sathiyapalan

My favourite part of the program has been the great opportunities to meet new people and expand my understanding of issues that are shaping our ever-evolving society. The diverse cohort and litany of experts in the field have truly inspired me to grasp a new understanding of current issues and solutions.


SGPS Rep:  Eden Monastirsky

In their words | The Ottawa trip was my favourite experience of the MPA program so far, where we met with distinguished guest speakers committed to well-being and innovation. - Eden

Editors in Chief

Editors in Chief: John McKee & Arianne Abainza

Role | Our primary role as Co-Editors-in-Chief features managing the editorial content of the Queen’s Policy Review, a graduate-level scholarly publication at the Queen’s School of Policy Studies. Aligning with the goal of the journal, we look forward to publishing exemplary work in the field of public policy and governance from graduate students across Canada.

In their words | What I like most about the MPA program is the sense of community. I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone and feel we have a great group of people in the program. - John

One notable point I appreciate about the MPA program is its commitment to providing and enhancing our practical skills through the courses and contents thereof and, by extension, preparing us for our career path. - Ariane


Secretary: Perri Curran

Role | As the MPA Student Government secretary, my role includes scheduling MPA-SG meetings, preparing the meeting agenda, and taking meeting minutes. Overall, my role emphasizes organizing the discussions and decisions made during our meetings.

In their words | My favourite thing about the MPA program has been how close knit our cohort has become. Since we see each other every day, we all have been able to get to know each other well, and that has translated into great friendships.

Internal Affairs Rep

Internal Affairs Rep:  Aneeq Ahmad

Role | In my role as an Internal Affairs representative, I orchestrate academic/career centric events and act as a liaison between faculty and students. I am eager to enhance collaboration, ensuring a harmonious relationship that enriches the academic experience for both faculty and students alike.

In their words | One highlight of the MPA program is the good nature of our cohort, everyone is genuinely supportive and makes the learning experience enjoyable.

External Affairs Rep

External Affairs Rep: Kushal Mavadia

Role | My role as the external affairs representative requires me to Co-ordinate the MPA’s student run social media account, create graphics for other role’s events, promote MPA-SG and any other MPA-related events through various forums (social media, email, posters, etc.).

In their words | The MPA program has been an excellent place to connect with like-minded individuals! The cohort is incredibly friendly and it feels like a community.