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Second wave of COVID-19 could hit Canada harder than first, experts predict

April 26, 2019
Yahoo News - Ahmar Khan, with comments by David Walker, Professor School of Policy Studies, Queen's University

As Canadians begin to battle their inhibitions to resume their lives as normal, public health officials are fearing a second wave of COVID-19, and want to remind everyone we’re not in the clear just yet.

“We may have climbed up to the first mountain, but it’s the first mountain in a range, it’s like going through the Rockies, up and down,” said Dr. David Walker, Professor of Emergency and Family Medicine and COVID-19 Lead at Queens’ University.

Many people haven’t given much consideration to a second wave, and are not aware of how dangerous it could be, but Christopher Rutty, a Medical Health Historian and Adjunct Professor at the school of Public Health at the University of Toronto points to the Spanish Flu which was worse the second time around.

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