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Past Lectures

Energy, Climate Change, and COVID - Warren Mabee, School of Policy Studies
Rethinking Mobility in Pandemic Times - Jennifer Ruth Hosek—Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
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Meat, Prey, Love: Human-Animal Relations in the time of COVID
Samantha King, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Mindo, Face-Masks and Fax Machines: Japan and COVID-19
David Murakami Wood

Personal Data, Surveillance and Contagion
David Lyon, Surveillance Studies Centre, Department of Sociology

The Canadian Armed Forces and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief: Defining a Role
Christian Leuprecht – Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen’s University
Peter Kasurak, Royal Military College of Canada 

Colonial India and Contagion
Aditi Sen, Department of History

The Coronavirus Challenge: A Public Service as Good as It Proved it Could Be: Three Challenges
Andrew Graham, School of Policy Studies

Bio-terrorism: Power projection and cooperation
Ugurhan G. Berkok—Department of Economics

Action, Accountability and Good Governance During COVID
Kathy Brock, School of Policy Studies

COVID-19 - Redefining Fragility and Resilience of Nation-States: The cases of Italy, the United States, Ethiopia, Germany and Cuba
Abdelkerim Ousman, Department of Political Science, Royal Military College

The Local Government Response to the Pandemic: The Kingston Case Study
Helen Cooper, School of Policy Studies

Shakespeare, Contagion and the Fluidity of Identity
Elizabeth Hanson, Department of English

Continuing Care of the Elderly
Don Drummond, School of Policy Studies
Duncan G. Sinclair, School of Policy Studies

Contest over parks during Covid-19: The moral regulation of movement and space
Mary Louise Adams, Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies

The World of Work Post-Pandemic
Don Drummond, School of Policy Studies
Patrick Deutscher, School of Policy Studies

The Black Death: A Global Pandemic and its Consequences in the Middle Ages 
Adnan Husain, Department of History
Margaret Pappano, Department of English

Libraries and COVID-19: How libraries are working to optimize digital access during a pandemic
Mark Swartz, Queen's University Library
Lise Brin, Canadian Association of Research Libraries 

Racism, Scapegoating, and Blame in the History of Epidemics
Jenna Healey, Department of History

The Pandemic and the Crisis: An Indigenous Perspective
Bob Watts, School of Policy Studies

“A divine infection”: Religious communities and the epidemiology of COVID-19
Shobhana Xavier, Department of Religious Studies
Eun-Young Lee, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Political Litigation Regarding COVID
Gregory Tardi, Institute of Parliamentary and Political Law

Precarious intimacies in the microbiological city
Carolyn Prouse, Department of Geography and Planning

No One Left Behind: Fixing the holes in CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) for 21st century income security
Elaine Power, School of Kinesiology & Health Studies/Gender Studies 
Craig Berggold, Cultural Studies doctoral student & documentary filmmaker
George Payne

Strengthening Canada's Fiscal Resilience: The Challenge of Provincial Debt
Kyle Hanniman, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies 

Responses to COVID-19: Perspectives from a Sino-US Joint Venture University
James Miller, Department of Interdisciplinary Strategy at Duke Kunshan University 

Public Water and COVID-19: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings
David McDonald, Global Development Studies at Queen’s University

The Diseased Horde: Anti-Asian Racism from the 19th Century to COVID-19
Ali Na, Assistant Professor, Department of Film and Media 

Images of Fear: The Use of Photographs by the 19th Century Anti-Vaccine Movement
Christiane Arndt, Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Contagious Humour
Scott MacKenzie, Associate Professor, Department of Film and Media 

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