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School of Policy Studies

Policy Talks: 2010 - 2015


Hon. Justice Rosalie Abella, Supreme Court of Canada  
"Identity and Diversity : Why They Matter" (March 11, 2015)

Howard Balloch, Vice Chairman, Canada Business Council; Director, Methanex, Ivanhoe Energy and Sinopec Canada 
"Xi Jinping as Helmsman; Course Change for China" (6 November, 2014) 

Keith Banting, Professor and Queen's Research Chair in Public Policy
"Framing the New Inequality: Reflections on  the Politics of Redistribution in Canada" (13 November 2014) 

Margaret Biggs, Skelton-Clark Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"Challenges in Global Development" (9 Oct 2014) 

Malcom Brown, Deputy Minister for International Development 
"Reflections on a career in the Public Service" (11 Sept 2014)

Miles Corak, Professor of Economics with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa 
"Inequality and its Discontents" (February 5, 2015) 

Tom Courchene, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University
"SURPLUS RECYCLING: Addressing Federal-Provincial and Interprovincial Fiscal Imbalances" (February 27, 2015) 

Patrick Deutscher, Amethyst Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"Debt, Deficits and the Economy: Looking for a Path to Balance in Ontario" (16 October 2014) 

Don Drummond, Former Senior VP and Chief Economist, TD Bank; Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Queen's School of Policy Studies
"What ails healthcare in Canada" (12 Sept 2014)

Peter Harrison, Professor Emeritus and former Stauffer-Dunning Chair and Director, School Policy Studies
"Arctic Reflections" (28 November 2014) 

Janet Hiebert, Professor, Department of Political Studies
"Vetting Legislation for Consistency with the Charter of Rights: Straining the Notion of Credibility" (January 22, 2015) 

Jim Leech, Chancellor, Queen's University 
"Does Anyone have the courage to face our pension failures?" (March 5, 2015) 

David Lindsay, President and CEO, Forestry Products Association of Canada (FPAC)
"Government Transitions in a Democracy" (March 12, 2015) 

Antonia Maioni, Professor, Department of Political Science and the Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University
"The Place of Quebec in Canada"  (25 Sept 2014)

Barbara Martin, Public-Servant-in-Residence, School of Policy Studies 
"Mapping the Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East" (18 Sept 2014)

Kim Nossal, Stauffer-Dunning Chair and Professor, Department of Political Studies 
"The Puzzle of Policy Learning: Why Canada Gets Defence Procurement So Wrong So Often" (January 16, 2015) 

Victor Rabinovitch, Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"What's going on at the CBC? Public broadcasting's impact on the Canadian cultural model" (January 8, 2015) 

Myer Siemiatycki, Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University
"Making Sense of Toronto City Politics: Mission Impossible?" (24 October 2014) 

Matt Torigian, Deputy Minister, Community Safety 
"Policy Challenges of 21st Century Policing" (2 October 2014) 

Lori Turnbull, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University; School of Public Policy and Administration, Carelton University
"Renewing Canada’s Democracy: An Independent Senate?" (March 19, 2015)

Andreas Wieg, Director of the Executive Staff Department at German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation (Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e. V.; DGRV)
"Renewable energy transitions: The role of cooperatives in German energy policy"  (20 November 2014) 

Robert Wolfe, Professor, School of Policy Studies  
"Canadian Trade Policy in a G-0 World" (February 12, 2015) 


Nancy Austin, Amethyst Fellow, School of Policy Studies 
"Balancing Competing Human RIghts Claims in a Diverse Society" (3 October 2013)

Margaret Biggs, 2013-14 Skelton-Clark Fellow, School of Policy Studies,
"International Development as Foreign Policy: A Zero Sum Game?" (23 January 2014)

Maj. Christian Breede, Canadian Armed Forces Visiting Defence Fellow, Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen's University
"The Idea Index: Measuring and Comparing the State of an Idea" (6 March 2014) 

Alan Broadbent, Chairman, Co-founder of Maytree; Chairman and CEO of Avana Capital Corporation 
"The Three I’s of Policy: Intentionality, Instruments, and Investment" (16 January 2014)

Kevin Costante, Fmr. Deputy Minister, Ministry of Government Services, Ontario 
"Confessions of a Deputy Minister" (20 March 2014) 

Tom Courchene, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University 
"Surplus Recycling and the Canadian Federation: Addressing Horizontal and Vertical Fiscal Imbalances" (19 September 2013)

Graham Fraser, Commissioner of Official Languages, Canada 
"Linguistic duality in the federal Public Service and the case for immersion education in post-secondary institutions" (27 February 2014)

Justice Stephen Goudge, Ontario Court of Appeal 
"Public Inquiries: A useful policy vehicle?"  (13 March 2014)

Wael Haddara
"Between Scylla and Charybdis:  A year in the Egyptian Presidency" (24 October 2013)

Mary Janigan, Journalist 
"How an understanding of yesterday's resource battles can guide us through today's perilous energy disputes" (31 October 2013) 

Peter MacLeod, Co-Founder & Principal, MASS LBP
"The Politics of Public Imagination: Reinventing public consultation at MASS LBP" (27 March 2014)

Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation; Associate Professor, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University; and Director, Queen's Institute for Energy & Environmental Policy (QIEEP) 
"A Changing Climate for Canadian Energy" (13 February 2014)

Elizabeth May, M.P., Leader of the Green Party of Canada 
"In the assault on Evidence-based decision-making, the first casualty is truth, the second is the professional civil service" (7 November 2013)

Kim Nossal, Director and Stauffer-Dunning Chair, School of Policy Studies; Professor, Department of Political Studies  
"Charlie Foxtrot: The F-35 and Canada's National Fighter Procurement Program" (29 November 2013)

Victor Rabinovitch, Fellow and Adjunct Professor, School of Policy Studies 
"What China Learned from Canada about Identity (and what we may be forgetting)" (10 October 2013)

Hugh Segal, Senator, Canada  
"A New National Security Culture: A Time to Lead" (31 January 2014)

Alison Smith, Senior Correspondent, CBC Television/Radio 
"All You Need to Know in 90 Seconds: Public Policy in the News" (18 October 2013) 

John Smol, Professor, Department of Biology 
"The Diminishing Role of Science in Policy Decisions" (26 September 2013)

Deb Stark, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Rural Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ontario 
"Lessons from the Farm: Agriculture policy in Ontario" (10 January 2014)

Rick Whittaker, Chief Technology Officer, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
"International Influences on Canada’s Energy Choices: Context for Policy Development" (13 September 2013)


Naomi Alboim, fellow and adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies
"Canada’s Rapidly Changing Immigration Policies: Too Much, Too Fast" (22 November 2012)

Bev Baines, Professor, Faculty of Law, Queen's University
"A conversation about ‘Eric v Lola’ - the recent Canadian Supreme Court decision on breakdown of de facto spousal relationships in Quebec" (7 February 2013)

Charles Beach, Emeritus Professor, Department of Economics, Queen's University
"Trends in Income Inequality in Canada: Comparisons and Contributors" (24 January 2013)

Alan Bernstein, President & CEO, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
"Canada's Place in the World in the 21st Century" (22 March 2013)

Jacalyn Duffin, Professor in the Hannah Chair of the History of Medicine at Queen’s University
"Generic Drug Shortages in Canada: a Pressing Policy Mystery" (30 November 2012)

David Gilles, Senior Specialist in Governance and Human Rights at the Canadian International Development Agency, and
Marc Lemieux, Team Leader for the Canadian government’s 2012 Mission to monitor the Ukrainian parliamentary elections
"Does international intervention promote free and fair elections? Lessons from Ukraine and conflict-prone societies" (8 November 2012)

Peter Harrison, Stauffer-Dunning Chair, Director, School of Policy Studies
"International Polar Year (IPY): The 2012 Montreal Conference" (27 September 2012)

Geoffrey Hodgetts, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, and Director of Medical Education, Queen's University
"Health Policy for conflict/post-conflict areas: challenges and lessons learned from Afghanistan" (7 March 2013)

Ted Hsu, MP, Kingston and the Islands (Liberal)
"Canadian Scientists for better government and a stronger Canada" (11 January 2013)

Warren Kinsella, Director, Daisy Consulting Group
"Fight the Right" (28 February 2013)

Rachel Laforest, Associate Professor, School of Policy Studies
"When two world views collide: Analyzing the student strikes in Quebec" (20 September 2012)

Steve Lehrer, Associate Professor, School of Policy Studies
"Gene-Environment Interactions, Health Behaviors and Public Policy" (17 January 2013)

Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
"How Governments Use Science" (14 March 2013)

Victor Rabinovitch, Adjunct Professor and Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"Challenges to a Canadian Success Story: what's happening to cultural policy and why is it important (and not only in Quebec)?" (4 October 2012)

Munir Sheikh, Fellow School of Policy Studies
"Reforming Ontario's Social Assistance Program" (2 November 2012)

George Smith, Fellow, Adjunct Professor, School of Policy Studies
"The Uncertain Future of Collective Bargaining in the Federal Sector" 25 October 2012)

Deb Stark, Amethyst Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"Emergency Management in Ontario – Crossing Your Fingers is Not Enough" (15 November 2012)

Scott Vaughan, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Office of the Auditor General of Canada 
"Environmental protection and economic development" (14 February 2013)

Bob Watts, Adjunct Professor, Fellow School of Policy Studies
"Rights in a history of wrongs: Indigenous Policy in Canada" (1 February 2013)


John Adams, 2011-2012 Skelton-Clarke Fellow
"Cyber-Terrorism: The Consequences for Public Policy" (8 March 2012)

Naomi Alboim, fellow and adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies
"Confessions of a Policy Wonk" (8 September 2011)

Tom Courchene, the Jarislowsky-Deutsch Professor of Economics and Financial Policy at Queen's University
"Turning Points in Canada's Post-war Policy Evolution" (22 September 2011)

Michel de Salaberry, Former Ambassador of Canada to Egypt, Iran and Jordan
"Middle East: Spring or Autumn?" (24 November 2011)

Don Drummond, Chair, Commission on the Reform of Ontario Public Services
"Public Services for Ontarians: A Path to Sustainability and Excellence" (1 March 2012)

Udloriak Hanson, Special Advisor to Mary Simon, President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)
"What's happening in the Canadian North - an Inuit Perspective" (13 January 2012)

Katherine Hewson, 2011-12 Amethyst Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"Two Pianos, Four Hands: Federal - Provincial Immigration Policy in Ontario" (10 November 2011)

Janet Hiebert, Head of the Department of Political Studies
"Can Parliament Protect Rights? The U.K. Experience" (29 September 2011)

Alan M. Jacobs, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia
"Policy-making for the Long-term: When Do Democratic Governments Invest in the Future?" (1 December 2011)

Danielle Labonté, Fellow for Circumpolar Policy and Capacity Building, School of Policy Studies
"Engaging with Multiple Stakeholders: Arctic Science and Policy" (16 February 2012)

Les Linklater, Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic and Program Policy, Citizen and Immigration, Canada 
"Immigration in Canada: A Classic "Wicked Problem" in Public Policy" (27 October 2011)

Kathryn Mohrmann-Watson, Adjunct Professor, Public Servant in Residence
"The Human Side of Downsizing in the Canadian and Ontario Public Service" (15 March 2012)

Victor Rabinovitch, Adjunct Professor and Fellow, School of Policy Studies
"A Worldwide Revolution in Museums: Changing Roles, Challenges and Urban Impacts" (17 November 2011)

Hugh Segal, Conservative, Kingston-Frontenac-Leeds
"Prophylactic Diplomacy: Why the Commonwealth Matters" (30 March 2012)

Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician of Canada
"The Census of Canada: Some Personal Views" (17 September 2011)

Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician of Canada
"Reforming Ontario's Social Assistance Program: An Update" (19 January 2012)

Special Panel Discussion
"Ontario's Election Results: What Matters" (14 October 2011)

Lori Sterling, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
"Ontario's Approach to Aboriginal Relationships, Reconciliation, and Socio-Economic Progress" (7 October 2011)

Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner in Canada
"Role of the Commissioner's Office and Privacy Policy in a Technological Age" (12 January 2012)

Smokey Thomas, President, OPSEU
"The Future of Unions in a Difficult Economic Environment" (26 April 2012)

David Walker, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Policy Studies, Queen's University 
"Grandad is in the ER - What's wrong with that? (Orienting a health system to care for an aging population)" (4 November 2011)

Robert Wolfe, Professor, School of Policy Studies
"Has China reshaped the global trading system? What the PM can do next week in Beijing" (2 February 2012)


Naomi Alboim, fellow and adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies
"Confessions of a Policy Wonk" (16 September 2010)

Helen Cooper, Senior Manager with the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS)
"Why Municipal Governments Matter" (14 October 2010)

Tom Courchene, the Jarislowsky-Deutsch Professor of Economics and Financial Policy at Queen's University
"The End of the American Dream: Where has all the Greatness gone?" (23 September 2010)

Louis Delvoie, Senior Fellow in the Centre for International Relations at Queen's University
"Afghanistan: Getting Out" (7 October 2010)

Don Drummond, the Matthews Fellow on Global Public Policy at the School of Policy Studies
"Reflections on the State of Policy Analysis in Canada" (12 November 2010)

Peter Harrison, Professor, Stauffer-Dunning Chair and Director of the School of Policy Studies 
"Arctic and Northern Dimensions of World Issues: Reflections on the 2010 Canada-UK Colloquium" (19 November 2010)

Craig McFayden, Assistant Deputy Minister, Economics and Justice, in the Intergovernmental Affairs unit of Cabinet Office
"Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Federation: The Next Frontier of Intergovernmental Policy Making?" (30 September 2010)

Peter Milliken, 34th Speaker of the House of Commons
"The Speaker in a Minority Government" (15 October 2010)

Tony Penikett, Simon Fraser University's Master of Public Policy program
"Arctic Governance, Aboriginal Land Claims, and Devolution" (9 December 2010)

Colin Robertson, Senior Strategic Advisor for McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP
"From Obama-mania to Teaparty: What's happening in the US and what does it mean for Canada?" (12 October 2010)

Hugh Segal, Senior Fellow at the Queen's School of Policy Studies and Business
"A Twin Freedoms Based Foreign and Defence Policy" (20 January 2011)

Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician of Canada
"The Census of Canada: Some Personal Views" (17 September 2010)

Peter Sylvester, 2010-2011 Skelton-Clark Fellow in Queen's School of Policy Studies
"Getting Better Traction on the Road to Sustainability: Are we Spinning our Wheels with the Federal Environmental Assessment Process in Canada" (17 February 2011)

Ian Wilson, University of Waterloo
"Information Culture - Key to Public Service Renewal" (3 December 2010)

Wayne Wouters
"The Public Service: Accomplishments, Challenges and Opportunities. Views from a Member of the Alma Mater" (26 November 2010)