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School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

Bad, very bad or disastrous? Assessing the damage to Trudeau’s political brand

April 6, 2019
The Hamilton Spectator, Mitch Potter with Comments by Kathy Brock, Professor, School of Policy Srtudies, 
cross-appointed with the Department of Political Studies, Qeen's Univeristy

Prof. Kathy Brock of the School of Policy Studies at Queen's University sees two dimensions of uniquely Canadian angles embedded within the SNC-Lavalin affair.

"First, it needs to be said Canadians tend to beat ourselves up on these issues because we do have higher expectations of our politicians and we have an innate sense of fairness," Brock said.

"The second dimension that I view as uniquely Canadians is when an Indigenous woman holding one of the highest offices in the country for the first time is fired and then expelled from the party for what many would characterize as whistle-blowing. It mobilizes people — particularly when it comes from a government that held itself up as a friend to the Indigenous community.

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