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Sir Oliver Mowat and Sir John A Macdonald helped shape Kingston

January 13, 2020

Kingston Whig-Standard - Art Milnes with comments from Kathy Brock, Professor, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University

Living in modern-day Kingston, it is sometimes easy to forget the important contributions to Canada that leaders from this relatively small community have made throughout history.

Back in 17th-century Kingston it was Count Frontenac (amongst others), and in the 18th century, it was Molly Brant, again amongst others. Both helped define what would become Canada. In the 20th century, Kingston saw Ben Benson, Flora MacDonald and Norman Rogers (to again name only a few) put their own mark on Canada’s history.

The 19th century was a particularly important period. Here, leaders from Kingston shaped a new country — Canada — and a new province — Ontario.

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