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Mike Joyce

Adjunct Professor




  • government accountability for management of expenditures and the related role of Parliament;
  • effectiveness of Treasury Board Secretariat in its expenditure management role;
  • government expenditure management and budgeting, management in the public sector.

Mike Joyce first came to the School of Policy Studies in 1995 on a two-year interchange from the Canadian federal government’s Treasury Board Secretariat.  In addition to his other duties as an adjunct professor, Mike served a three-year term (2009 to 2012) as the MPA Program Director. At the School, Mike teaches courses on government expenditure management and budgeting and for a number of years was a co-instructor for that program’s core course, Management in the Public Sector.

From 1981 to 2005, starting as a program analyst, Mike held various positions in the federal government’s Treasury Board Secretariat.  In his final position as Senior Assistant Secretary responsible for the Secretariat’s Expenditure Management Sector, Mike was directly responsible for the budget office role played by the Treasury Board Secretariat and he played a lead role in developing and implementing a number of the Secretariat’s expenditure management initiatives. As well, he served as the Secretariat’s representative on the OECD’s Senior Budget Officers Working Group. His previous experience in the Secretariat included three years as Director of Estimates and, before that, as a Program Sector Director in a number of different positions covering Citizenship, Immigration, Justice, Cultural, Aboriginal and Crown corporation portfolios.  Before joining the Treasury Board Secretariat, Mike worked for the Atomic Energy Control Board on regulatory policy.

From 1991 to 1993, Mike worked as an Assistant Secretary in the Australian government's Department of Finance as part of an exchange program with the Treasury Board Secretariat. During that time he played a lead role in the Australian government’s initiative to commercialize a full range of programs in the Department of Administrative Services and in introducing optionality for departments in their real property needs.

In an earlier life as a Chemical Engineer Mike worked for Ontario Hydro and then for Atomic Energy of Canada in their heavy water production plants, and for Simplot Chemical in its fertilizer production plant in Brandon.  On graduating he spent a year as a voluntary high school teacher on the island of Anguilla in the West Indies before immigrating to Canada.