School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

MPA Courses

Students in the MPA program must complete 12 half-course credits, normally taking five courses in each of the fall and winter terms and two in the summer term. They may choose to complete a Master's Research Project, in lieu of two optional courses.

Core Courses

MPA students normally complete seven required courses from the following three groups:

1. Political and Institutional Analysis

  • MPA 800: Governing Institutions (Fall) [PDF 194KB]
  • MPA 802: Approaches to Policy Analysis (Winter) [PDF 145kb]

2. Economic and Quantitative Analysis

  • MPA 804 - Principles of Economics (Fall)
  • MPA 805 - Quantitative Analysis (Fall) [PDF 238kb]

And at least one of:

  • MPA 815 - Economic Analysis (Winter) [PDF 337kb]
  • MPA 816 - Quantitative Program Evaluation (Winter) [PDF 163kb]
  • MPA 840 - Economics of Social Policy (Winter) [PDF 282kb]
  • MPA 844 - Canadian Economic Policy (Fall) [PDF 218kb]
  • MPA 849 - Behavioural Public Finance (Winter) [PDF 347kb]

3. Management

  • MPA 809 - Management in the Public Sector (Winter) [PDF 310kb]

4.  Policy Process

  • MPA 810 - Policy Challenges (Fall) [PDF 1.5MB]

    This course introduces basic policy concepts, the policy process and elements of the machinery of government in the first term, showing the links between the foundations of policy analysis and contemporary public issues.  In the second term this course creates a framework to integrate the concepts of policy analysis with those of policy implementation.

Elective Courses

Students may take at least five optional courses, typically one in the fall term, two in the winter and two in the spring. Students may choose to take optional courses offered by the School of Policy Studies or related graduate courses offered by other academic departments or professional schools at Queen's University.

Elective courses vary from year to year. A list of summer electives is normally available in early winter; a list of fall/winter electives is normally available in the late spring. The current (complete list of possible course offerings is listed here.

EPID-807 Introduction to Health Economics (Requires instructor approval - limited spaces) - Fall 2018

MPA 812 - Law and Public Policy (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 214kb]

MPA 814 - Intergovernmental Policy (Not offered 2018-2019) 

MPA 826 - Ethics in Public Service (Not offered 2018-2019)  

MPA 827 - Financial Management in Canada's Public Sector (Summer 2019) [PDF715 kb]

MPA 832 - Defence Policy & Strategy (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 175kb]

MPA 836 - Health and Public Policy in Canada (Offered Fall 2018) [PDF 235KB]

MPA 838 - Economic Analysis of Health Policy (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 145kb]

MPA 840 - Economic of Social Policy (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 282kb]

MPA 843 - Trade Policy (Not offered 2018-2019)

MPA 844 - Canadian Economic Policy (Offered Fall 2018) [PDF 218kb]

MPA 847 - Environmental Policy 

MPA 848 - Immigration Policy in Canada (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 129kb]

MPA 851 - Public Policy and the Third Sector 

MPA 852 - Stakeholder Management 

​MPA 857 - Public Policy in China (Fudan interchange - summer term)

MPA 858 - Dynamics of Chinese Economy (Fudan interchange - summer term)

MPA 860 - Reconciling Indigenous Policy 

MPA 861- Indigenous Governance

MPA 864 - Policy and Development in Africa (Ghana interchange - summer term)

MPA 867 - Canadian Cultural Policy 

MPA 868 - Business, Government and Global Economy 

MPA 870 - Public Policy Issues in Africa (Ghana interchange - summer term)

MPA 871 - Conflict Resolution 

MPA 876 - Institutions of Public Finance (Offered Fall 2018) [PDF 788kb]

MPA 877 - Energy Policy 

MPA 880 - Canadian Foreign Policy (Offered Fall 2018) [PDF 203kb]

MPA 881 - Government Communications 

MPA 882 - Comparative Social Policy 

MPA 884 - Development Economics (Offered Winter 2019) [PDF 396kb]

MPA 886 - Leading Change in the Public Sector 

MPA 887 - Public Sector Reform

MPA 890 - Internship

MPA 893 - Data Analytics (Offered Winter 2019) [pdf 144kb]

MPA 894 - Professional Placement

MPA 897 - Directed  Reading [PDF 150kb]

MPA 898 - Master's Research Project [PDF 47kb]