School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

CAPPA Research Conference: Ethics, Corruption, and Good Governance Practices

May 21-22, 2014

Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 202
138 Union Street, Queen's University, Kingston, ON 

Theme: Ethics, Corruption and Good Governance Practices

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The Canadian Association for Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) is pleased to announce its third annual Research Conference in Public Management.

The conference theme is intended to elicit broad inquiry into the ability of public sector organizations to promote good governance and ethical practices and to constrain corruption and malfeasance. In recent years, Canada has witnessed accusations of corruption, influence peddling, the misuse of powers of office at all levels of government. One main objective of this conference is to examine whether these accusations have any merit and if they require changes within our institutions of public management. A second objective, is to examine the current best practices within our institutions to assess the extent to which they encourage and promote good governance throughout the political system. Many nations have looked to the Canadian public sector as a model of probity and excellence. Do recent incidents point to deeper problems embedded within our institutions or are they the exceptions that prove the rule?

This conference will bring together Canadian and international scholars from a variety of disciplines such as public administration, political science, history, economics, and sociology who share an interest in public management and/or public policy analysis.