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School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

The People at SPS

Office of the Executive Director

David Walker, MD, Executive Director, Policy Studies photoDr. David M.C. Walker
Executive Director and
Stauffer-Dunning Chair of Policy Studies
305, Robert Sutherland Hall



Rachel Laforest photoRachel Laforest
Program Director
317, Robert Sutherland Hall
613-533-6000 x 77264

Lynn Freeman, Assistant Director and Business Officer photoLynn Freeman
Associate Director,
Administration and Finance
301C, Robert Sutherland Hall
613-533-6000 x 77007

Academic Staff
Name Position Email Office

Elly Alboim

Adjunct Professor                

Naomi Alboim

Adjunct Professor/Distinguished Fellow 320
Keith Banting Professor Emeritus


Margaret Biggs

Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy 335

Randy Boyes

Adjunct Professor 325

Terri-Lynn Brennan

Adjunct Professor 320

Kathy L. Brock

Professor 328

Tom Courchene

Professor Emeritus 314

Patrick Deutscher

Adjunct Professor  

Weili Ding

Associate Professor 321

Don Drummond

Adjunct Professor and Stauffer-Dunning Fellow  

Morah Fenning

Adjunct Professor 312

Alison Fraser

Adjunct Professor 312

Andrew Graham

Adjunct Professor 316

Peter Harrison

Professor Emeritus  

Soma Hewa

Adjunct Professor    

Bill Irwin

Adjunct Professor  

Mike Joyce

Adjunct Professor  

Wenjue Knutsen

Adjunct Professor 315

Rachel Laforest

Associate Professor 317

Eugene Lang

Adjunct Professor 330

Steven Lehrer

Associate Professor 324

Bill Leiss

Professor Emeritus  

Warren Mabee

Associate Professor of Georgraphy  

Barbara Martin

Adjunct Professor 335A

Jamshed Merchant

Adjunct Professor 323

Kim Nossal

Professor, and General Editor, Queen's Policy Studies Series  

Bryne Purchase

Adjunct Professor 311

Duncan Sinclair

Adjunct Professor  

Arthur Stewart

Adjunct Professor  

Lori Turnbull

Adjunct Professor  

Andy Vogler

Adjunct Professor  

Bob Watts

Adjunct Professor  

Robert Wolfe

Professor Emeritus 322
Administrative Staff
Name Position Phone Email Office

Chris Cornish

Events and Communications Coordinator 613-533-6217 307

Fiona Froats 

MPA/PMPA Program Administrator 613-533-6200 319
Mark Howes Publications Unit 613-533-2192


Yuhong Lin

Financial Analyst 613-533-6000 x 75702 301 A 

Celia Russell

Special Events Coordinator 613-533-2547 309

Elizabeth Thomas

Admissions/Financial Assistant 613-533-2960 301 B

E.B. (Lee) Van Niedek

Departmental Assistant 6713-533-3020 328


Distinguished and Emeritus Fellows
Amethyst Fellowship

The Ontario Public Service Amethyst  (Executive) Fellowship in Public Policy at Queen’s University was established in 2003. It provides support for a senior  official in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) to spend up to one year at the School of Policy Studies, working with future policy leaders to help shape public policy debate; raise the profile of the OPS as a centre of public policy excellence; and help provide the Queen’s programs with a provincial policy focus.    

While the focus of the Amethyst Fellow’s activities varies each year depending on his or her professional expertise and interests, there are some general similarities in their contribution to the School’s teaching and other activities. The Amethyst Fellow will normally teach a course in the Winter or Summer Term and participate as a guest speaker in other courses as well as the Policy Speakers Series. He or she also serves as an active liaison with the Ontario Public Service and is involved in organizing the annual two-day MPA “Capital Briefings” program in Toronto, offers career planning advice to graduating students, and may coordinate with students in summer coop positions with the Ontario Public Service, among other activities.

Like other visitorships, the Amethyst Fellowship enriches the life of the School and supports its engagement with external professional public policy communities. A list of the OPS Amethyst Fellows appears below. The position titles are those held by the Fellow at the time of their appointment as an Amethyst Fellow.

2016-17 / 2015-16














Morah Fenning, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Tourism Planning and Operations Division

Patrick Deutscher, Ontario Chief Economist and Assistant Deputy Minister in the Office of Economic Policy at the Ministry of Finance

Nancy Austin, Executive Director and CEO, Ontario Human Rights Commission 

Peggy Mooney, Assistant Deputy Minister, Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Secretariat, Ministry of Finance  (Feb. to Aug.  2013)
Deborah Stark, Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Sciences and Standards Division, Ministry of the Environment (Sept. 12 to Jan. 2013)

Katherine Hewson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration       

Craig McFadyen, Assistant Deputy Minister, Economics and Justice, Intergovernmental Affairs, Cabinet Office

Alison Fraser, Chief Legislative Counsel, Ministry of the Attorney General

Jim Smith,  Assistant Deputy Minister, Information Management, Office of the Environment   

Vic Pakalnis, Regional Director, Eastern Region, Ministry of Labour

Richard McKinnell, Assistant  Deputy Minister,  Corporate Services Division, Ministry of Government Services

Gabriel Sekaly, Associate Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance 

Andrea Maurice, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services 

Joan McCalla, Corporate Chief Strategist, Management Board Secretariat

QSPS Board, Committee and Working Groups 2018-19

QSPS Board

  • Naomi Alboim
  • Keith Banting
  • Margaret Biggs
  • William Blahut
  • Randall Boyes
  • Kathy Brock
  • Terri Brennan
  • Pat Deutscher
  • Weili Ding
  • Don Drummond
  • Colin Farrelly
  • Morah Fenning
  • Alison Fraser
  • Lynn Freeman
  • Fiona Froats
  • Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant
  • Andrew Graham
  • Soma Hewa


  • Bill Irwin
  • Wenjue Knutsen
  • Rachel Laforest
  • Eugene Lang
  • Steven Lehrer
  • Warren Mabee
  • Barbara Martin
  • Jamshed Merchant
  • Kim Nossal
  • Bryne Purchase
  • Fiona Purkiss
  • Duncan Sinclair
  • Arthur Stewart
  • Lamia Syed
  • Lori Turnbull
  • Lee Van Niedek (secretary)
  • Andrew Vogler
  • David Walker (chair)
  • Bob Watts
  • Robert Wolfe

Visitors Committee

  • Naomi Alboim
  • Margaret Biggs
  • Weili Ding
  • Lynn Freeman
  • Stephanie Kronfli
  • Rachel Laforest
  • Nora Lobb
  • John McKerron
  • Jerusha Rupakumar
  • Celia Russell (secretary)
  • David Walker (chair)
  • Robert Wolfe

Admissions Committee

  • Andrew Graham
  • Wenjue Knutsen
  • Steve Lehrer
  • Rachel Laforest (chair)
  • David Walker

Communications Working Group

  • Chris Cornish
  • Lynn Freeman
  • Fiona Froats
  • Andrew Graham
  • Rachel Laforest
  • David Walker (Chair)