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The School of Policy Studies at Queen's University is one of the leading schools of public policy and administration in Canada.  The School is committed to equity and diversity in the workplace and strives to offer a safe and healthy environment for all of its employees, instructors and students.  

138 Union Street, Suite 301
Robert Sutherland Hall, Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA K7L 3N6

Associate Dean and Director
Warren Mabee
Room: 301A
Phone: 613-533-3020

Department Manager
Gail MacAllister
Room: 301B
Phone: 613-533-6085

MPA Program Director
Kathy Brock
Room: TBD
Phone: 613-533-6486

PMPA Program Director
David Detomasi
Room: TBD
Phone: TBD

MPA/PMPA Program Administrator
Fiona Froats (on leave)
Room: 319
Phone: 613-533-6200

Communications and Events Coordinator
Chris Cornish
Room: 307
Phone: 613-533-6217

Financial Analyst
Yuhong Lin
Room: 311
Phone: 613-533-6000 . ext. 75702


Name Position Email Office

Kathy L. Brock

Professor and Senior Fellow 328
Chris Cotton Professor, Department of Economics  
David Detomasi Director, Academic Development  
David Dewar Adjunct Professor  

Don Drummond

Adjunct Professor and Stauffer-Dunning Fellow  
Morah Fenning Adjunct Professor (Winter term - 2022)  

Alison Fraser

Adjunct Professor  

Andrew Graham

Adjunct Professor (on leave) 316
Bahman Kashi Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics  

Wenjue Knutsen

Adjunct Professor 315

Eugene Lang

Adjunct Professor 317

Warren Mabee

Associate Dean and Director, Associate Professor 301A
Gail MacAllister Adjunct Professor, MPA/PMPA Program Director 301B

Jamshed Merchant

Adjunct Professor 323
Martha Munezhi Adjunct Professor  

Bryne Purchase

Adjunct Professor  

Duncan Sinclair

Adjunct Professor  

Lori Turnbull

Adjunct Professor  
David M.C. Walker Professor (cross-appointed) 335

Bob Watts

Adjunct Professor  
Cross-Appointed Faculty
Name Position Email

Marcia Finlayson

Professor and Director, School of Rehabilitation Medicine

Ian Gilron

Director of Clinical Pain Research, Professor of Anesthesiology and Biomedical Sciences
Michael Green Brian Hennen Chair and Head, Department of Family Medicine, Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Kieran Moore

Professor of Emergency and Family Medicine and CEO/ Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A Public Health  

John Muscedere

Professor of Medicine, Research Director, Department of Critical Care Medicine, and Scientific Director for Canadian Frailty Network

Richard Reznick

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor, Department of Surgery, and Chief Executive Officer, Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO)

Chris Simpson

Vice-Dean (Clinical), Faculty of Health Sciences and Professor of Medicine (Cardiology);  Medical Director, Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO)
Emeritus Professors
Name Position Email

Keith Banting

Emeritus Professor

Thomas Courchene

Emeritus Professor
Peter Harrison Emeritus Professor

William Leiss Emeritus Professor

Robert Wolfe

Emeritus Professor
Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellows are highly respected professionals with extensive leadership experience in government at the municipal., provincial/territorial, national or international levels, the private or the non-profit sector. They play an integral role in the School’s policy community and participate in School’s teaching, research and knowledge dissemination activities in a variety of ways. This includes sharing their expertise with students and faculty, providing professional advice and career mentoring to students; giving guest lectures; and providing advice to the Executive Director and other QSPS personnel on various issues.

Name Title Email

Naomi Alboim

Distinguished Fellow

Margaret Biggs

Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy
Malcolm Brown Distinguished Fellow  

Helen Cooper

Distinguished Fellow
Kevin Costante Distinguished Fellow  

Caroline Davis

Distinguished Fellow

Don Drummond

Adjunct Professor and Stauffer-Dunning Fellow
David Lindsay Distinguished Fellow
Peter Milliken Emeritus Fellow
Victor Rabinovitch Emeritus Fellow
Hugh Segal Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy
Duncan G. Sinclair Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Fellow
David Szwarc Distinguished Fellow; Chief Administrative Officer, Region of Peel
George Thomson Distinguished Fellow
Bob Watts Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Fellow