School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

The Changing Higher Education Policy Landscape: Canada and the World

Principal Daniel Woolf

Thursday, March 24, 2016,  12:00 pm 
Robert Sutherland Hall, 138 Union Street, Room 202

** Light lunch starts at 11:30 AM             All are Welcome

Principal Daniel Woolf | March 24, 2016


Daniel R Woolf

Principal and Vice-Chancellor,
Queen's University




The world in which universities, and the governments that fund and regulate them, live has changed dramatically in the past decade and a half, and continues to evolve. Neither universities themselves nor governments have proved especially adept at nimble adaptation to this change, particularly in the West. This talk will sketch the major trends in higher education policy in Canada and in the rest of the world in the context of larger world economic, technological and social trends. The federalist structure of Canadian politics and constitutional arrangements as a determinant of Canada’s international competitiveness will be discussed, including its weaknesses but also some of its underappreciated strengths.