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Queen's Contagion Cultures Lecture Series

July 14, 2020

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Meat, Prey, Love: Human-Animal Relations in the time of COVID 

Samantha King
Professor of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen's University

The COVID crisis has highlighted the deep interconnectedness of human and animal worlds. From zoonotic transmission to “pandemic puppies,” more-than-human relations are at the fulcrum of public discourse on the virus. A parallel discussion exposes how white supremacy converges with a microscopic parasite to determine who lives and who dies in the pandemic and beyond. In this lecture, Samantha King seeks to put these discourses in conversation by drawing on the work of scholars who theorize race, colonialism, and species together. Her analysis of meat, prey, and love in the time of COVID explores how the virus and responses to it reflect, reproduce, and challenge colonial myths and infrastructures of racial capitalism. Her goal is to imagine the conditions of possibility for a more just post-pandemic future.