School of Policy Studies

School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

Queen's Contagion Cultures Lecture Series

July 7, 2020 

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Energy, Climate Change, and COVID
Warren Mabee, School of Policy Studies

Rethinking Mobility in Pandemic Times
Jennifer Ruth Hosek—Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Culturally-speaking, humanness is often equated with the freedom to move. Taking the dance. Following the North Star. Getting out of this place. Mobility often means privilege and petrocultural logics often underpin this equivalency. However, in this pandemic, our ability to stay put has become quintessential expression of privilege. Rather than dancing together, we are living lonely and most of us don't like it. The very meaning of mobility has altered. Covid is showing us that the exclusive, hyper-individualism of extreme mobility is not only unsustainable, but also unenjoyable.