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MPA Admission Qualifications

I wish to apply as a special student to take one or two courses. Is this possible? What do I need to do?
Yes. If you meet the minimum academic requirement for admission, you may apply to take up to two courses as a special student in one academic term. You must submit a formal application (and application fee) to the School of Graduate Studies through the online application system and indicate at that time the courses in which you propose to enroll. As part of your application, you must upload on line copies of academic transcripts from the post-secondary institution(s) that you have attended.

Special students may enroll in elective courses if the class still has space available.

I have completed my undergraduate studies in French at a Quebec university. Do I need to take the TOEFL?

No, you need not take TOEFL.

I am very interested in enrolling in the MPA program but do not have a “B+” standing in my last two years of study. How can I improve my eligibility for admission?

Individuals who do not meet the minimum academic qualifications for admission must complete at least one additional year of post-degree studies, at the senior undergraduate or graduate level, preferably with a minimum “A-” (or 80 percent or 3.6 GPA) average standing. In addition, a strong score on the Graduate Admission Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) may improve your eligibility for admission.

I meet the minimum admission (B+) requirement for the MPA program. Will I be accepted? Are there any exams I can take to get admitted to the program?

There are no qualifying exams.  Since we are unable to predict the applicant pool each year,  we cannot guarantee admission if you meet the minimum requirements.

I have a three-year general bachelor’s degree. Can I enroll as a qualifying student to complete the MPA program?
The School of Policy Studies does not offer qualifying courses. Admission candidates who do not have a four-year degree must complete an additional year of full-time study at the senior undergraduate or graduate level, earning a minimum “B+” (or 75 percent or 3.5 GPA), to be considered competitive for admission. Post-degree studies can be completed at any accredited post-secondary institution.