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Frequently Asked Questions...

Deferment and Re-application

I have been accepted to the program but am unable to take your admission offer. Can I defer my admission to the next academic year?
The School of Graduate Studies does not defer admission offers. Candidates who do not accept an admission offer may reapply for admission at a future date.

We retain all applications on file for one year. If reapplying for admission within one year of their previous application, candidates may need only to submit a new application and application fee. On receipt of a new application, we will bring transcripts and letters of reference forward to the new application.

Candidates reapplying for admission after one year must submit new transcripts and letters of reference as well as a new application.

I declined your admission offer last year. If I reapply for admission, will I be accepted?
Candidates who receive an admission offer are normally competitive for admission in a subsequent year, although there can be no guarantee of admission in a future year. Some admission candidates may improve their competitive status, depending on how they spend the intervening period.


My application was refused last year, even though I met your admission requirement. Can I apply again this year? What are my chances of my being accepted this year?
You are welcome to reapply for admission. Before reapplying for admission, it is useful to consider whether you are able to provide new or additional information that will strengthen your application and improve your eligibility for admission. For example, if you previously applied while in your final year of another program and did very well in your final term, having your final grades for the first-round review may be significant to improving your competitiveness for admission.

The size and strength of the applicant pool means that we must refuse many qualified candidates. If you just meet the minimum qualifications, were previously refused admission and have no new information to strengthen your candidacy for admission, it is less likely that we will make you an admission offer.

When making a new application, please try to include on the application form all the information that you think relevant to members of the Admissions Committee in considering your candidacy.