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Frequently Asked Questions...

About the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) Program

What is the difference between the MPA and PMPA programs? To which should I apply?
The MPA program is a one-year, full-time Master of Public Administration program. The majority of MPA candidates are recent university graduates who are looking to develop their skills and knowledge in governance and policy analysis for future roles in the public service or the non-profit sector. Mid-career candidates join the program to change or upgrade their skills and knowledge in public policy.

The PMPA program is a 2.5 year, part-time program for individuals who have a minimum of five years employment experience related to public policy or public management.  It allows candidates to continue in full-time employment, while pursuing graduate studies in public policy and administration.


May I begin my studies in January or May?
The School of Policy Studies has one intake period each year for both the MPA and PMPA programs, which is September. Core courses offered in the first term, in the full-time program, foundation for winter and spring term courses. 


Do you offer a PhD program in Public Administration?
No, at this time we currently offer a Master’s level program only.