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Frequently Asked Questions...

PMPA Admission Qualifications

I completed a three-year undergraduate degree many years ago.  May I enroll in the Professional Master of Public Administration (P.M.P.A) program?

PMPA applicants who do not meet the normal academic requirement for admission, i.e. a four-year undergraduate degree, with a minimum B+ (or GPA 3.3) in the last two years of study, must provide other evidence of superior academic potential. This may be demonstrated by:

  • superior academic performance in formal degree studies;
  • post-degree studies at the senior undergraduate or graduate level, or
  • a strong score on the Graduate Admission Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

I have a four-year undergraduate degree with great grades and four years employment experience in the public service.  May I enroll in the PMPA program?

PMPA applicants must have five years of professional experience at the time of their enrolment in the program as well as meeting the academic qualifications.