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PMPA Deferment and Reapplication

I have been accepted to the program but am now unable to begin my studies as planned.  May I defer my admission to the next academic year?

The School of Graduate Studies does not defer admission offers. Candidates who do not accept an admission offer may reapply for admission in a future year.

We retain all applications on file for one year. If reapplying for admission within one year of a previous application, candidates normally need only to submit a new application and application fee. On receipt of the new application, we will bring transcripts and letters of reference forward to the new application. By sending an advisory email to, application documents will be expeditiously brought forward to the new application file.

Candidates reapplying for admission more than one year after their previous application must submit new transcripts and letters of reference as well as a new application form.

My application was refused. How can I improve my eligibility for admission?

Professional MPA applicants must meet two qualifications.  They must normally have a four year undergraduate degree with a minimum B+ standing in their last two years of study and five years of employment experience in the public sector or related activities.

An applicant who does not meet the minimum academic requirement may take a minimum of two fourth-year or graduate courses , with a B+ standing, to demonstrate their superior academic potential or earn a strong score on the Graduate Admission Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Text (GMAT).

An applicant with less than five years of related employment experience may reapply when he or she meets this qualification.

Can I apply to take one or two courses, without formally applying to the Professional MPA program?

Yes. If you meet the minimum academic and employment qualifications for admission, you may apply to take up to two courses as a special student in one academic term. Special students may enroll in elective courses only.

You must submit a formal application, with the requisite application fee, to the School of Graduate Studies and indicate at that time the courses in which you propose to enroll as a special student. You must also submit two copies of academic transcripts from the post-secondary institution(s) that you have attended.