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School of Policy Studies
School of Policy Studies

Working Papers

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Universities and the New World of Work [PDF 94KB]

Don Drummond April 2019
50 The Impact of Canada on the Rise of the Chinese Economy: Good, Bad, or Indifferent [PDF 1.2MB] Don Drummond and Kyle Clemens December 2014
49 The Debate on First Nations Education Funding: Mind the Gap [PDF 504KB] Don Drummond and Ellen Kachuck Rosenbluth December 2013
48 A Framework for Citizen-Centred Social Statistics and Analysis [PDF 650KB] Peter Hicks October 2012
47 Prudent Budget Planning and Budgetary Process Effectiveness: The Canadian Federal Government' Experience [PDF 188KB] Mike Joyce October 2008
46 Social Policy in Canada - Looking Back, Looking Ahead [PDF 156KB] Peter Hicks November 2008
45 The Olivia Framework. Concepts for Use in Finely-Grained Integrated Social Policy Analysis [PDF 362KB] Peter Hicks November 2008
44 From Unemployment to Sustainable Livelihoods in Ottawa's Technology Sector [PDF 732KB] Ging Wong June 2007
43 Performance Information and Innovation in the Canadian Government [PDF 782KB Mike Joyce July 2007
42 The Canadian Federal Government's Experience with Prudent Budget Planning [PDF 761] Mike Joyce October 2006
41 Policy Analysis by the Labour Movement in a Hostile Environment [PDF 193KB Andrew Jackson and Bob Baldwin March 2005
40 A Simple Model of Access and Capacity for Post-Secondary Schooling in Canada [PDF 328KB] Ross Finnie February 2005
39 The Canadian Experiment in Cost-Sharing and its Effects on Access to Higher Education, 1990-2002 [PDF 1340KB] Ross Finnie February 2005
38 A Simple Model of Access and Capacity for Post-Secondary Schooling in Canada [PDF 710KB] Ross Finnie December 2004
37 Student Financial Aid: The Role of Loans and Grants [PDF 138KB] Ross Finnie December 2004
36 Estimating Dynamic Treatment Effects from Project STAR [PDF 273KB] Ross Finnie October 2004
35 Do Peers Affect Student Achievement in China's Secondary Schools? [PDF 372KB] Weili Ding and Steven F. Lehrer October 2004
34 Family Background and Access to Post-Secondary Education: What Happened in the 1990' [PDF 459KB] Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka December 2004
33 Do Multiculturalism Policies Erode the Welfare State? [PDF 2590KB] Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka December 2004
32 Leaving and Coming Back to Canada: Evidence from Longitudinal Data [PDF 327KB Ross Finnie December 2002
31 The Office of the Auditor General of Canada: Government in Exile? [PDF 187KB] S.L. Sutherland September 2002
30 The Interaction Between Monetary and Fiscal Policies [PDF 444KB David Dodge June 2002
29 ​Poverty Dynamics: Empirical Evidence for Canada [PDF 255KB] Ross Finnie December 2002
28 A Recursive Income Model for Canadians: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Family Background [PDF 170KB] Ross Finnie March 2002
27 Globalization, Trade Policy, and the Permissive Consensus in Canada [PDF 455KB] Matthew Mendelsohn and Robert Wolfe November 2001
26 Minorities, Measured Cognitive Skills and the Earnings of Canadians [PDF 131KB] Ross Finnie November 2001
25 Earnings Variability and Instability of Women and Men in Canada: How Do the 1990's Compare to the 1980' [PDF 172KB] Ross Finnie and Charles Beach November 2001
24 Unrecognized Exodus, Unaccepted Accountability: The Looming Shortage of Principals and Vice Principals in Ontario Public School Boards [PDF 508KB Thomas R. Williams November 2001
23 Biggest Scandal in Canadian History": HRDC Audit Starts Probity War [PDF 550KB] S.L. Sutherland August 2001
22 An Evidence-Based Approach to Access Reform [PDF 458KB] Alasdair Roberts, Jonathan DeWolfe and Christopher Stack August 2001
21 The Future of the Political Right in Canada [PDF 370KB] The Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman May 2001
20 Immigrant Earnings: Age at Immigration Matters [PDF 460KB] Joseph Schaafsma and Arthur Sweetman May 2001
19 The Media and Public Policy [PDF 389KB] Elly Alboim May 2001
18 Global Governance: Bringing the South In - The Contribution of the G8 Summit [PDF 381KB] Nicholas Bayne April 2001
17 Reform and Redesign: A Review of the Changing Role of the Public Purposes in R & D and Technology Institutes [PDF 468KB] Paul R. Dufour May 2001
16 See you in Geneva? Democracy, the Rule of Law and the WTO [PDF 520KB Robert Wolfe March 2001
15 Structural pluralism and the right to information [PDF 112KB Alasdair Roberts February 2001
14 Cape Breton provides pointers for the adjustment programs required by the decline of the old economy [PDF 388KB] Tom Kent February 2001
13 The Brain Drain: Myth and Reality - What It Is and What Should Be Done [PDF 470KB] Ross Finnie January 2001
12 Probing the Aftermyth of Seattle: Canadian Public Opinion on International Trade, 1980-2000 [PDF 456KB] Matthew Mendelsohn and Robert Wolfe December 2000
11 What's a Country For? The Social Contract in the Global Era [PDF 390KB] Keith G. Banting November 2000
10 A State of Minds: Canada in the Information Era [PDF 370KB] Tom Courchene October 2000
9 ​An Econometric Analysis of Poverty Dynamics in Canada [PDF 477KB] Ross Finnie October 2000
8 The Informational Commons At Risk [PDF 482KB] Alasdair Roberts September 2000
7 Student Loans: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications [PDF 437KB] Ross Finnie September 2000
6 Student Loans: The Empirical Record [PDF 460KB] Ross Finnie September 2000
5 One Step Forward... Accommodating Aboriginal Rights in Canada [PDF 428KB] Kathy Brock August 2000
4 Self-Determination for Toronto: What are the Economic Conditions, and Do They Exist? [PDF 427KB] Meric Gertler August 2000
3 The Social Union Framework Agreement: Lost Opportunity or New Beginning? [PDF 423KB] Harvey Lazar August 2000
2 What Kind of a Financial System do Canadians Want? Implications of Globalization and Current Canadian Policies for the Future of the Canadian Financial System [PDF 218KB] Edward P. Neufeld July 2000
1 Sustaining a Relationship: Insights from Canada on Linking the Government and Third Sector [PDF 161KB] Kathy Brock June 2000