Students serving in the reserve forces

Queen’s recognizes the benefits and value for students who commit to military service in the Reserve Forces; Training, employment opportunities, skill development, community engagement and experiential learning add to a student’s personal, academic, and career pursuits. 

To support and acknowledge the role of students serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as Reservists, Queen’s faculty and staff will consider academic accommodation and consideration requests by student- reservists to help them meet both their academic requirements and their military service obligations.


Academic consideration for student reservists

Requests from student-reservists for academic considerations normally should be submitted in writing as described by the Procedure for Requests for Excused Absences for Significant Events under the University Policy for Academic Consideration in Extenuating Circumstances. When circumstances allow, student-reservists are encouraged to provide sufficient time to allow Support Services and Community Engagement to properly review the request before the start of a particular military activity. 

Documentation from a student-reservist’s chain of command (i.e. Adjutant or Sub-Unit Commander) will typically be required to substantiate the request for academic consideration. 

Learn more about excused absences and REASE forms

Students are also always encouraged to speak with their instructors to discuss any anticipated significant event commitments and to check their faculty/school’s sessional dates which are posted online for course enrollment/registration timelines.

Review the Guide to Registration and Fees

Student-reservists are encouraged to email for additional information or questions.