STLHE 2014

STLHE 2014 Conference

About Queen's University

Queen's University, established in 1841 and known for its' historical limestone buildings, is situated along the waterfront of Lake Ontario, in Kingston, Ontario. The Queen's community, comprised of researchers, teachers, and learners, is committed to making a difference in the world through the building and sharing of knowledge. Research and education in the fields of biomedical science, computational science and engineering, mental health, and sustainability has made Queen's a much sought-after university for learners. With over 95% of the student population coming from outside of Kingston, including over 120 different countries, Queen's celebrates diversity and community building amongst students and staff.

Queen's has two campuses within walking distance from each other: the main campus and the west campus. The west campus, also known as Duncan McArthur Hall, is where the faculty of education is situated, and where STLHE 2014 will primarily take place. The main campus is host to most other departments, school facilities, and most residences; including Leggett and Watts Halls.

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