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Enrolment Planning

Enrolment Planning

Queen's Long-Term Strategic Enrolment Management Framework: March 2014 (PDF, 250 KB)

Approved at the March 25, 2014 Senate meeting, this framework will act as an enrolment planning guide and lays out a variety of factors for consideration within the enrolment management process. The framework outlines principles, goals and actions aimed at aligning enrolment management with the university's strategic priorities, considers external factors, as well as internal factors.


The Strategic Enrolment Management Group (SEMG) was established in early 2013 and released sm initial report in March 2013 which focused on the internal and external factors that influence strategic enrolment planning, proposing specific Faculty and School enrolment targets for 2013-14 and 2014-15 and preliminary enrolment projections for 2015-16.

After a period of community consultation, SCAD recommended to Senate that the enrolment targets for 2013-14 and 2014-15 be approved. Senate approved the targets in April 2013.

In September 2013, the SEMG launched a process of community engagement with the release of a white paper on long-term enrolment planning, which, it was hoped, would generate and guide discussion across campus.

SCAD held two town hall meetings later that month. In October 2013, a joint retreat of the Board of Trustees and the University Senate, and a meeting of the University Council both focused on enrolment management.

The SEMG also invited comments on the white paper via email and summarized all the input received.

In developing this framework, the SEMG reviewed all the feedback and considered a variety of strategic planning documents, including:

  • Where Next? (2010)
  • Academic Plan (2011)
  • Strategic Research Plan (2012)
  • The Third Juncture (May 2012)
  • Proposed Mandate Statement to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (2012)
  • Interim Report of the Student Learning Experience Task Force (2013)
  • The Rising Tide: An Enrolment Policy Paper from the Alma Mater Society (2013)
  • The Strategic Framework
  • The Library and Archives Master Plan (2013)
  • The Campus Master Plan

The final report was approved by Senate on March 25, 2014.