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Strategic Framework

Raising our International Profile


Goodes Hall

We will strengthen our international reputation by emphasizing what has built Queen’s enviable national reputation, namely the transformative student learning experience in a research intensive environment. Focused and sustained international student recruitment will be supported by an equally focused and sustained international marketing and communications strategy.

Because our transformative learning experience is so inextricably linked to our research prominence, we will at the same time strive to strengthen our international research collaborations, in part through our membership of the Matariki Network of Universities.

University-wide objectives:

  • Develop an international recruitment strategy that will increase the number, proportion and diversity of our undergraduate student population.
  • Increase our international research collaboration and research funding from international sources.
  • Develop an integrated international marketing and communications plan for the University that supports our international recruiting plan.
  • Strengthen our international reputation, while continuing to develop our national profile.
  • Promote Queen’s internationally in terms of what we are known for nationally.
  • Develop a small number of regional hubs in countries that align well with our international priorities.

Performance Metrics:

  • International student engagement: international students as a proportion of the total student body; proportion of students participating in an international educational experience.
  • International research engagement: international collaboration index (percent of research publications with at least one international author).

The Research Dimension

International Collaboration Index

  • Research outputs – refereed publications, books, performance and art works, patents, etc. – are the basis on which the social, economic and disciplinary value of research and creative activity is most often measured.
  • With respect to the international focus of Queen’s strategic research plan, one of the primary measures of international scope and impact is the “international collaboration index” which counts the percentage of refereed journal articles co-authored by one or more international (non-Canadian) researchers.
  • Queen’s rate of international research collaboration is slightly below the average for Canada’s other research-intensive universities.

The Student Dimension

Undergraduate International Students at Queen's

  • The attractiveness of Queen’s to international students is one measure of our international profile and focus, along with (for example) our internationally-based research and the number of Queen’s students participating in foreign exchanges.
  • International students can pursue an entire degree at Queen’s or participate in shorter term exchange opportunities. While the number of degree-based international students has remained stable in recent years, the number of international students visiting Queen’s on exchange programs has increased.
  • It is noteworthy that at the graduate level, about one-fifth of all students have international origins, compared to about 5% at the undergraduate level.