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Strategic Framework

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Setting Targets for the Strategic Framework's KPIs

Download Setting Targets for the Strategic Framework’s Key Performance Indicators (6 MB)

Document Overview

Targets are proposed for the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) previously identified for each of the Strategic Framework’s strategic drivers.

The KPIs for each driver are:

Student Learning Experience

  • Undergraduate Student Engagement
  • Graduate Student Engagement
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Experiential Education Opportunities
  • New Credentials: Professional and Other Innovative Programming

Research Prominence

  • Research Intensity and National Position
  • Tri-Council Funding
  • Alignment with the Strategic Research Plan

Financial Sustainability

  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Diversification
  • Cost Containment


  • International Research Engagement
  • International Undergraduate Student Recruitment
  • International Undergraduate Student Engagement

The main body of the document briefly discusses the targets, and for each one proposes a final target, to be achieved by 2019, and an interim target, to be achieved by 2017.

Annual reports issued each fall will report the University’s progress against these targets, and also our success in implementing various initiatives designed to ensure that we meet our targets. These initiatives will sometimes represent collective action across the institution, and sometimes actions taken by one or several of our Faculties, Schools or other service units.

In preparing this document, we have worked closely with these units, each of which examined data related to its own performance, assessed its own strengths, weaknesses and operational capabilities, and then set unit-specific targets, and identified the activities to be undertaken to ensure the targets are met.

This exercise will be repeated year by year as we all measure how far we have come and how much further we have yet to go.