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Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework


The overarching goal of the strategic framework is to strengthen Queen’s vision as Canada’s quintessential balanced academy, ensuring we remain a university recognized equally for its research excellence and its transformative student learning experience.

The framework, developed in close consultation with, and approved by, our Board of Trustees, builds upon strategic planning exercises undertaken over the past few years, and is aligned with our institutional planning tools, including the Academic Plan and the Strategic Research Plan (both approved by Senate), the Proposed Mandate Statement, and the newly implemented activity-based budget model.

At the framework’s core are four interconnected strategic drivers which are appropriately aligned with our planning tools. The strategic drivers are:

Each of these drivers, described on their individual pages, underpins the success of our vision.

We have identified university-wide objectives that the university will work to achieve over the next five years.  Individual faculties and schools, the academic core of the university (and also its primary revenue generating units), as well as administrative support units, will align their initiatives with these drivers and undertake specific coherent actions to advance them. The university-wide objectives were developed in consultation with all units and will accommodate the changes from year to year in any unit’s specific annual goals. The units’ planning and actions will be incorporated into ongoing university-wide budget and staffing plans, which are also informed by our integrated planning tools.

As we advance the strategic drivers in support of our vision we will carefully track our progress. A set of preliminary performance metrics for each driver are outlined below. These performance metrics will form the basis of progress reports that we will share annually with the Board of Trustees, the Senate and the Queen’s community. We have tried to keep our measurements simple, and we are, wherever possible, using existing metrics. It is important to note that not all of the metrics may count equally, and the importance of an individual metric may vary through time. The weight associated with each metric is very much dependent on external factors, which will also influence which objectives we need to pay close attention to for any given period.