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Strategic Framework

Strengthening our Research Prominence

Guide and Support the Research Enterprise

Queen’s is recognized as one of Canada’s outstanding research institutions. To sustain and enhance our research prominence requires that we guide and support our research enterprise, including the continuation of our aggressive pursuit of research funding and re-alignment of university research services.

We must be guided by our Senate-approved Strategic Research Plan (SRP). The four thematic areas, exploring human dimensions, understanding and sustaining the environment and energy systems, creating, discovering and innovating, and securing safe and successful societies, and an underlying emphasis on research excellence, provide a long term focus on progress on the objectives and metrics identified below, to guide investments. 

University-wide objectives:

  • Increase research support through increasing our research $/faculty ratio by identifying sustainable funding sources for research and increasing faculty external grant applications.
  • Improve intra- and inter-faculty and cross-university collaboration to support university research pillars nationally and internationally.
  • Improve faculty support services to enhance faculty and staff productivity, research and retention.
  • Integrate research to enable active learning and innovation.
  • Develop new award programs to recognize faculty for outstanding research.
  • Focus on increasing and improving our impact through high peer-reviewed publications, recognized scholarly books and creative activities, and knowledge translation and innovation.

Performance Metrics:

  • Research intensity and national position.
  • Queen’s share of total Tri-council research funding.
  • Number of applications to Tri-council and other external granting agencies, and diversity of external sources from which support is sought.
  • Proportion of appointments to Canada Excellence Research Chairs, Canada Research Chairs, and Queen’s National Scholars that are aligned with one or more of the SRP’s thematic areas.

Research Prominence: Guiding and Supporting Research

Research Intensity and National Position

  • As a balanced academy, Queen’s goal is to excel with respect to both the student experience and research and discovery. While some universities perform extremely well on one or the other, very few can approach the unique balance that Queen’s has achieved.
  • Student engagement and satisfaction measures are discussed above. On the research and discovery side, Queen’s is one of Canada’s most research-intensive universities, typically ranking between 5th and 9th in terms of research income per faculty member.

Queen's Share of Total Tri-Council Funding

  • Canada’s three Federal Granting Agencies (The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)) award research grants subject to a rigorous peer-review process.
  • Queen’s share of Tri-Council grants (from among the 100+ competing institutions) reflects our strong activity in the Canadian research environment.