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Strategic Framework

The Road Ahead

The success of our strategic framework is dependent on all members of the university community and will be the responsibility of academic and administrative leaders at all levels. The framework will ensure that the University as a whole is working as a cohesive unit towards a common goal. The Principal, supported by the University’s leadership team, will lead the implementation of our strategic framework over the next five years.

Work is already underway to develop coherent actions that will contribute to the achievement of our university-wide objectives, and, ultimately, our vision. The Vice-Principals are working closely with their teams to identify annual coherent actions that align with, and support, our objectives.

The framework is not meant to be prescriptive. It is designed to be responsive to a dynamic and changing environment and enable the University to adapt to changes over time. With this in mind, we recognize that the landscape for post-secondary education will shift in the next five years, and that our objectives and metrics will need to be modified or updated to capitalize on new opportunities when they arise. The Principal and Vice-Principals will review the strategic framework regularly in the context of the external environment and the government.

The Principal and Vice-Principals are accountable for ensuring that progress is made on the university-wide objectives. Starting in 2014-2015, the senior leadership team will prepare progress reports on the strategic framework that will be shared on an annual basis with the Board of Trustees, the Senate and the Queen’s community.