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Strategic Mandate

Queen's Strategic Mandate Agreement 2017-20

In late 2017, Queen’s concluded discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and signed its strategic mandate agreement (SMA) for the three-year period covering 2017-20. The SMA articulates some of the strengths that differentiate Queen’s University within the Ontario post-secondary education system and contains a number of commitments by MAESD.

Strategic Mandate (362 KB)


The first cycle of strategic mandate agreements (2014-17) was negotiated with individual institutions in 2014 based on Ontario’s Differentiation Policy Framework for Postsecondary Education (PDF 250 KB). Over the course of the term of those SMAs, the government undertook a review of, and changes to, Ontario’s university funding formula. The current cycle of strategic mandate agreements (2017-20) furthers the government’s implementation of its differentiation objectives and goal to ensure financial sustainability across the university system.