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Teaching and Learning Action Plan

Teaching and Learning Action Plan

Teaching and Learning Action Plan: February 2014 (PDF 600 KB)

The 2014 Teaching and Learning Action Plan, developed by the Provost's Advisory Task Force on the Student Learning Experience, was designed to help guide the university in maintaining its vision of providing a transformative student learning experience. The plan provides 15 actionable recommendations aimed at developing a culture of evidence-based practice in teaching and learning.

Aligned with the Academic Plan and the Strategic Framework, the plan outlines mechanisms for improvement or expansion in the following areas:

  • student engagement
  • the development of transferable academic skills
  • assessment of student learning
  • data-driven decision-making around curriculum development and student support
  • experiential and entrepreneurial learning, and eLearning

The plan’s recommendations are intended to provide direction for both collective and individual innovation and improvement initiatives at the university, guide the development of strong support services for faculty, staff and students, and inform decision making with regard to all aspects of teaching and learning at Queen’s.


The Provost's Advisory Task Force on the Student Learning Experience was established in November 2012 and charged with developing evidence-based recommendations that have the potential for a broad and sustained impact on the student learning experience. The task force submitted an interim report in September 2013, and then this final report in February 2014.

This initiative builds upon the university’s various strategic planning processes, including Principal Woolf’s 2010 vision document, Where Next? (PDF 1,4 MB), the Academic Writing Team’s 2010 Imagining the Future (PDF 800 KB), and the Senate Academic Planning Task Force’s 2011 Academic Plan. The SLE Task Force is aligned with the Academic Plan, focusing specifically on the Student Learning Experience pillar, and sought to complement the work of the current Senate Academic Planning Task Force. The SLE Task Force also considered the Institutional Vision, Proposed Mandate Statement and Priority Objectives that was submitted to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in October 2012.