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Emergency planning

Basic planning

Ensure you know your building evacuation route, and be prepared to use it when needed.  Additionally, designate one personahead of time whom you will call in case of an emergency.

For more information, refer to the Campus Security Emergency website, which offers details about preparation for, and explains how Queen’s will respond to, various emergency situations.

Public Safety Canada has an Emergency Preparedness Guide, which walks through the three emergency preparedness steps — knowing the risks, making a plan, and preparing an emergency kit — in addition to providing other resources.  It’s an expansive and comprehensive guide to everything you need for emergency situations.

Emergency kit

Everyone should have an emergency kit.  The Public Safety Canada Emergency Kit Checklist includes necessities for a basic emergency kit, and recommendations for additional supplies.  If you don’t want to put together your own kit, go to the Government of Canada website to learn how to buy an emergency kit. from the Government of Canada has produced the video "Making a Family Emergency Plan". We would recommend you viewing it.