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Living with neighbours

Be a good neighbour / minimize conflict

Living with neighbours can be an opportunity to build relationships and friendships. Being a good neighbour means building a positive relationship with the people who live next door and down the street, respecting the values and regulations in your neighbourhood, and being aware of the different lifestyles that coexist within your community. Having and being good neighbours improves community safety, as well as your own home experience.

  • Go next door and introduce yourself! 
    Knowing your neighbours will help you better understand them, and will help them better understand you, in case any conflicts arise.
  • Think about how your actions affect your neighbours' lives, and vice versa.
  • Be aware of shared walls, put garbage and waste out neatly and on time, and consider how your different schedules or stages in life may affect your lifestyles.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. 
    In the case of more serious conflicts, there are local services available to help.

ResolveKingston, operated by K3C Counselling Centres, is a local community mediation program that can help resolve conflicts with neighbours, roommates, landlords, and others, usually in one meeting.


Noise coming from inside your house that can be heard by people on other premises can violate the noise by-law.

If your neighbours, including other students, are bothered by noise from your house, they may choose to call Kingston Police.

Municipal noise by-law prohibitions include:

  • Operation of any device, or group of connected devices, intended for the production, reproduction, or amplification of voices or sound. This is prohibited 24/7 in residential areas. Day or night, if your stereo is loud enough to bother your neighbours, it can be a noise by-law violation.

  • Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing or playing musical instruments, including percussion instruments, is not permitted from 9 pm until 7 am (9 am Sundays).